Not able to update CP to 1.7.1 from 1.5.3

When trying to update to 1.7.1 from 1.5.3 it came up with a failed installation error. This was due to incorrect permissions for the file:
wp-admin > includes > update-core.php

I set it to 777 and the installation went past this point but then there was another file permission error for a huge amount of files, part of which I captured as a screen shot. Using FileZilla I am in the process of recursively changing the file permissions for every file in the CP installation folder to 777, though I do believe that I shouldn’t have to be doing this.

I do not have a suggestion as to what needs to be done as I am not a PHP coder. But there must be something wrong with my installation as CP is meant to be an install and run type of software, yes?


777 isn’t the recommended permissions setting. That’s too loose. But the real question is how your permissions got set originally. Do you have a host you can ask about this?

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I do, but its not needed as I was able to update to 1.7.1 after changing the permissions. Hopefully the files that were copied over had the correct permissions set.

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