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I think they have miscalculated badly here if the Newspack is indeed the cause of the Gutenberg fiasco. Gutenberg is a liability for writing and I’ve worked in news publishing before. Most platforms have journos under pressure to churn out articles fast. I don’t think the journos forced to use Gutenberg will be sending thank you cards either.

We may notice some well styled content, but for most news sites, content is longform writing (or short pieces) but it is very rarely styled majorly. The style comes from the themes and usability design and features. If news is going to be “encouraged” to produce content to include design elements, AMP is going to be very unhappy to lose entire sections of the content in addition to the journos whose work doubled.



That was a great reply to send back over to that group, @Vidyut — welcome to the ClassicPress community! :slight_smile:

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Keep this in mind, the LibreOffice fork of OpenOffice is still going strong since 2010.
ClassicPress can succeed.



This actually reminds me of the Cola Wars back in the 80s. Coca-Cola came out with New Coke. All their focus groups and blind taste tests showed this was a big product improvement. When they put it in production the public universally hated it. So in the end we got Coca-Cola Classic (which many say is not quite the same as the original Coke). It’s interesting that this project is called ClassicPress. Is history repeating itself?

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Count me in as another “whiny loser” who just wants something that works. LOL.

On the success of open-source software: back in 2008, I was an avid user of When that site was sold to CBS, a lot of things changed and the userbase got very angry. One user decided to start his own music scrobbling service, and was born. I remember this user talking about it on the forum and getting sneered at by one of the mods who thought the idea was ridiculous. “There’s no need for it,” he said. “It’ll be gone in a year.” Libre will celebrate its 10th anniversary in April, and is just a shell of what it used to be. Heh.

I wonder if the “it won’t last” is just fear talking. :wink:



Welcome, Vidyut.

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Hi Jane and welcome. Good to have another “whiny loser” on board. :grinning:



Count me in.





Great to have you here @Webrockers :slight_smile:

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