Not great feedback on cp

From a recent fb discussion

“This is a complete crock. WordPress users who are not ready for Gutenberg can still use the classic editor. But Gutenberg is the future. Many developers, including me, are already building Gutenberg block types. It’s a well thought out user paradigm, and an open architecture that allows for easy extension. “ClassicPress” is indeed a classic example - of the “whiny losers” paradigm. It will be gone and forgotten in a year.”


That’s fine Dick. I’m sure there are a bunch of people like yourself who think Gutenberg is great, and the way of the future. And if you like it, and it suits you, then no-one is saying you shouldn’t use it.

But there are also a bunch of people who liked WP the way it was (v4.9), and that’s who ClassicPress is catering for. Whether we are “whiny losers” is debatable… we just have different needs.



Reminds me of this article about how getting behind a keyboard sometimes brings out the worst in people:

We value constructive criticism, but this sounds more like “you’re doing it wrong” - not actionable given ClassicPress’ goals of preserving and extending the classic editor, and not something we should worry too much about.

I want to point out here that @Dick_Metcalf is a long-time ClassicPress user and supporter, and is quoting someone else in the original post.

Other than that, I agree: if Gutenberg meets your needs, then go for it. There are several projects for which I’d be happy to use it, for example, I’ve thought about building a service to easily create and host landing pages. A block-based approach could work really well there.


@Dick_Metcalf is pointing out the opinion of a part of the wp community. It’s OK. CP target differs from WP. And I really think that one can use one or the other basing the choice on the need to solve. I thought about which route I’d go myself… And understood that WP and CP are competitors addressing different niches that sometimes overlap. No sense in going all in in CP without considering WP, I might not like their values and direction as of now, but I think that when their GB revolution is done and stable WP as CMS is one of the top five. Obviously for myself I’m with CP, but as website designer I have to be fair and serve also the WP customers, if they really want to go that way after I explain them. It’s not a war, some people have to pour their frustrations on others. Everyone is entitled an opinion, and is free to state it. Let’s remember opinions are not fortune tellers’ verdict. Nobody can predict the future of CP, we can do our best to make something good, we can commit to it. In the end we have to, even if the outcome is not predictable. If we do not, later on we will ask ourselves “what if…”.


Ahh… OK. Got it. Sorry Dick!


Yeah, had me confused too. I couldn’t understand why Dick would suddenly have a 180 degree change of heart.

Would have made more sense if the Facebook link was included. Just shows how posts can be completely misunderstood.

Communication is difficult when it’s not done live.


Gutenberg will kill wordpress
Do you read the reviews on the wordpress forum
Just look at the number of Gutenberg opponents
It would be more negative that moderators do not wipe opponents
My Three reviews were deleted by moderators and then they blocked me.
Many wordpress users are still at the intersection
Waiting in which direction to go wordpress
if wordpress persists with gutenberg
for half a year he will leave him massively
Why is it not even more on classicpress?
Because the CP is still in the beta version
and is waiting for CP to develop

Various plugins for wordpress like classic editor, disable gutenberg …
Only the patch on cancer is a wound
For 2-3 years when wordpress support is suppressed for these add-ons
many will be faced with a million problems
And even more will have those who have clients
because Gutenberg will break everything that they have been doing in the past years.

Gutenberg’s opponents must decide beforehand whether to accept Gutenberg
or look for an alternative.
Is the classicpress alternative to wait a little longer


I know it’s a bit vague, but Dick is not the one against CP, Ive seen him around here enough to know that. He is relaying something another developer said on facebook


Hi Dick, could you maybe edit your post to add quotation marks? That might give a clearer indication that these aren’t your words.


Reality is slightly different. Reality always stays on the middle road. I mean… GB won’t break wp. It will develop it in a precise direction. Many will detach, it’s true. But the ones this change is meant for will stay with WP. It’s not a war. Things will evolve. There is no issue in treating wp like it’s the evil brother. It’s not. It has taken its own way. That’s the truth.



Before Gutenberg, my clients themselves did 90% of work on their pages.
Now, the same clients call me every bit
how this, how that
my phone does not stop ringing
Then I to them installed disable gutenberg
but it is only a temporary measure
What do you think my clients will pay extra to show them how Gutenberg works.

Wordpress we have chosen for simplicity,
As you type the text, you use the keyboard
and now with gutenberg little keyboard -> a little mouse
twice more losing time to write something that needs to be easy

On Gutenberg will remain those who will be able to subvert clients
or better to say blackmail them and charge more.

Now, wordpress can be written by anyone who has once written in a word or notepad
With Gutenberg needs more knowledge.
Will you be able your client to look into eyes without any shame, and say he will be more expensive from now on
I can’t


This is the perspective of a group. Now ask yourself: why is Google paying (founding is a better word choice…) the newspack project? GB is for sure the first step in this. Now I tell you what I think. Google controls news (who sees what and why) and wp can be the entity controlling how news are published. So it’s a cooperation between them. And it’s aimed at a particular group. This group exists. They know that. They paid money to develop for them.
But this group isn’t the only one, many other groups will be left behind like you mention. WP is not evil for making the choice to support a specific group. In doing so wp has given the space other realities like cp needed to come alive and grow. Automattic knows many will go away. But the ones remaining (big newspapers) are the fifth power…

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I think Dick Metcalf is just missing the “quote” option, thats why it sounds as if HE was saying that. But that aint the case :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.


i think you’re on the mark @ElisabettaCarrara. seeing those millions fly to automattic made sense why the core devs suddendly didn’t care anymore about backward compatibility, ditching the old php versions, even tho they have the market share they always moaned about, the sudden interest in hardening wp… i’m getting of topic :sweat_smile:


Oh, NO… I am NOT a fan of Gutenberg… in fact, I switched to the BETA for CP the night before 5.0 was released… I only posted this so folks could see that SOME (idiots) are still defending Garbage-berg


Did that - thanks for the suggestion; I couldn’t figure out how to include the link from FB, or I would have done!


What bothers me most is the attitude, the arrogance, that WP devs, moderators, and others have taken with regard to existing users and those that do not like the new block editor. That attitude is reflected in the quote above shared by Mr. Metcalf.

I was one that tried Gutenberg when it was offered as a plugin. I didn’t like it. When it moved into core, I created an account on WPorg to speak my mind. I was immediately put on the “bad boy list” and every comment I attempted to post was moderated. My account was eventually disabled. I find this censorship very troubling.

I am anxious to see ClassicPress develop and hope it prospers. I’m hoping the arrogant prediction of the WP dev quoted above proves false and that CP will be here for many decades to come.


The attitude bothers my blogger friends as well. They’ve been pondering whether or not to leave Wordpress. They’re not self-hosted, so I don’t know if they’ll be coming to CP. But it’s got people looking around, and it doesn’t help WP that people are angry enough to be blogging about how they’ve been treated.


People are passionate about defending their beliefs, and some believe that Gutenberg is awesome. Those that do will think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is wrong / stupid / stuck in the past etc, and ultimately they don’t want to see us succeed as it goes against the narrative in their brain.

We’ll see these sorts of statements on a regular basis, and it’s just best to ignore them.


Gutenberg is a mediocre page builder. If you’re into longform writing, you may understand the sheer irritation of the steps needed to select last two sentences of one paragraph, next paragraph and the first two of the paragraph after that to another location in a 2000 word article where they fit better. The dumb editor performs worse than a standard email editor. Can’t quickly find and link to content from the site. God, the irritations are endless. Or for that matter, the sheer scrolling it takes, because unnecessary blocks and narrow space lengthen the heck out of your work.

Because someone focused on selling ease of design forgot that WordPress is a blogging platform originally and a CMS since - which means people will need to write efficiently in it. And they wanted to sell the ease of design so bad, that endless reviews going “bad idea” didn’t stop them from driving into that hole.

If wanting EFFICIENCY makes one a whiny loser, then I guess I’m one.

I’ve also been with WordPress for over a decade. I’ve used v1 of WP. And am now on v5. In the past, I’ve designed themes, put up a few abandoned plugin updates. All for free with zero commercial interest. I’ve seen bugs come and go and stayed interested, but this bug is an official feature. There is no fixing this. There is no intent to fix this.

End of the road for me.

Feel free to share this back to that FB discussion.