Notice of intent to shut down Slack <> Discord bridge

I’d like to shut down the Slack <> Discord bridge we set up a while ago as an experiment.

When someone uses this integration to post a message, it shows up with [discord] in their Slack name. This hasn’t happened in a long time which suggests to me that no one is using this anymore.

The main reason to shut this down is to reduce our costs (we have a server running this integration) and overhead (one less system to maintain is always a good thing, and it’s one less thing for people who are new to our community to think about).

Let me know your thoughts.


ABSOLUTELY!!! I never use it anymore!!


Marie Kondo says to get rid of unused things by thanking them and saying goodbye.
So… “Goodbye, you have been a good bridge and served us well. Rest in peace”.
In short: get rid of it.


Not a concern for me James. If it’s not being used then it can certainly be dropped.

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I don’t even have the idea of that, Goodbye Bridger.

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The Slack <> Discord bridge has been shut down.


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