One-click installers: import vs install

Related to our Installatron and Softaculous tutorials, linked from

Out of curiosity, why do we offer tutorials for importing an existing site into Installatron/Softaculous, but not for installing a new site? I would think installing a new site is more common.

Under what circumstances would I want to import an existing CP site into Installatron/Softaculous? Can we explain why someone would want to do this (what problem it solves) on the tutorial pages?


If it was initially installed as a WP site with either of those installers and then migrated to CP. Installatron/Softaculous would still see it as a WP4.9 site and nag you to update it.

So you have to remove it and add it again as a CP site

…or if you like using Installatron/Softaculous but had dropped out because of the nagging issue. You can now add it back in again.


Ok, that makes sense, thanks. Any objections to explaining this a bit more clearly as follows?

  • Adding a section about how to install a new site (screenshots+steps, or just a short “click the thing, it’s easy” blurb) to the Installatron and Softaculous blog posts
  • Adding a couple of sentences about why you’d want to move an existing site instead of installing a new one to the blog posts and to other places related to migration (download page, migration plugin steps/docs, anything else?)

Yes, I can do that to mine (Installatron) and hopefully @ElisabettaCarrara can amend the recent Softaculous article.

I think we assumed this for new installs. It’s pretty much one-click, fill in a few fields, go…


@james I was wondering the same thing. For newbies they may not know how to setup a site from scratch.


I think they need to be 2 separate tutorials. Otherwise, your’e going to end up with one really long and unwieldy article.


OK. Will discuss with the “blog editor” and see what might be the best approach. Pinging @klein.


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There it is:

How to install ClassicPress in Softaculous installer

BEFORE INSTALL: Make sure your hosting supports PHP 7.0 and above, recommended when installing ClassicPress

Open Softaculous and search for ClassicPress in the search bar, then open ClassicPress summary page - As you can see there is an option to install:

There are two install methods, Quick Install and Custom Install:

Quick Install instructions:

As you can see from the screenshot below, the only information required for this method are Domain, Installation Folder and Admin Account.

After entering the info just hit the install button at the bottom of the page and you will be redirected to:

SUCCESS!! You have installed ClassicPress from Softaculous installer!

Custom Install instructions:

The Custom Install is recommended for advanced users who need more set up options.

Just select Custom Install from the drop-down and you will be redirected to this:

Here you can fill in Software Setup, Site Settings, Admin Account and Advanced Options (DISCLAIMER: this is a test site, created on a testing free hosting, options shown may vary according to the settings your hosting allows for Softaculous), then all you need to do is hit the Install button at the bottom of the page, again, and you will be redirected to this:

SUCCESS!! You have installed ClassicPress from Softaculous installer!

Again, let me know if it is ok, or you need something else… or whatever.


After seeing an example I agree the “how to install a new site” instructions should be on a separate page or they will get really long. Thanks for writing that up Elisabetta.

Right now on our download page we have an “Install ClassicPress using a one-click installer” section, which contains links to the “Move your ClassicPress site to Installatron/Softaculous” tutorials. However, these current tutorials have to do with managing existing sites rather than installing new ones, and they don’t currently explain why one would use this tutorial (in what situations is it useful). This was the source of my confusion and the reason I came here and asked about it.


@james, @ozfiddler and @ElisabettaCarrara (And @Web242, thank you for thinking along)

I think it is indeed a good thing to post two extra tutorials on how to install a new site.

The original anouncement was geared towards people that already had sites running on servers with installatron or Softaculous.

I think we should post the two tutorials on the same day, as to not show bias towards either system. But post each in their own blog post. I will use Elisabeeta’s Softaculous tut from here to create that post. I could make the Installatron one, but want to give OZ first pick if he wants to do it, since he wrote the original tutorial.

PS: I have moved this into Meta, as it has become a blog discussion, or always was. And the tutorial category is meant for finished tutorials, not discussions about tutorials.


Have quite a bit of work on, so if you can do it straight away go ahead.


Ill write something up as soon as I am able then.


Just got a chance to take another look at this. Thanks for providing the additional content that explains how to use the one-click installers in different situations.

I made the following edits to hopefully more clearly explain when someone would want to use the “import into Installatron/Softaculous” tutorials:

cc @klein @1stepforward as the people who have been most involved with our blog content and the one-click installers respectively. Please feel free to make any further revisions/corrections needed.


Yes, I think that’s fine James. It adds a bit more context. We could potentially go into more detail about why ClassicPress might not show up in Softaculous and/or Installatron but I don’t think it’d be worth it. The main point is that they should contact their host, which is already well covered.


Those revisions look fine to me!