Where to put ClassicPress Tutorials

What about creating a separate menu item for tutorials, perhaps underr Community? And maybe even a few tutorial subcategories?

Also, when clicking on the tutorials link, would it be better to use the post excerpt on the category page rather than the full post? There’s quite a few tutorials now (with 1 or 2 missing images btw) and scrolling to the bottom of the page takes some time.


Yes, it might be better to handle these separately. We also have the github tutorials.


Not to disrupt the flow of the conversation, can we have a tutorial on the forum, sometimes you might just want to share a thing or two about Classicpress .

Looking at the tutorial category on this forum, I can only see tutorials from CP blog.


Tutorials does not belong under Community.

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It was just a suggestion given that all of the existing tutorials have been written by members of the community.

^ is the main point.


Might make more sense under “Resources” on the main site, but maybe link off to the tutorials category here on the forums so there isn’t so many places we are trying to manage.


It doesn’t matter at all, tutorials can be under community, Digital Ocean did it this way, so I agree with you.

This is a community project anyway, so I see no harm doing it this way too!


Edited to add: IMHO tutorials are the very first frontier of documenting. Theoretically they belong to documentation.
@Devrealm_Guy I am no sheep. Let digital ocean do whatever. I think tutorials belong to a dedicated something.
Community is a two-way interaction.
Tutorials aren’t interactive. We are giving a frontal lesson.
Since they can act upon them, it makes sense having a tutorial category on the blog, and setting it up in a way it posts directly on the relevant forum category.
And also, digital ocean is a “company” having different target, vision, mission and communication. We are ourselves, rather than trying to do what others do, we have to find our way.

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It’s kinda funny when you would say something, and it’s interpreted differently. I never made mention of being a sheep, it’s a simple logic:
Classicpress -> Community -> Tutorial, all I said was it is fine to do this way, and I made mention of a website that did the same thing.

It has nothing to do with target, mission, vision and communication. It’s starting to irritate me, so I would withdraw from replying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I went looking for tutorials this afternoon, and what I found was the vast majority have it linked under their “Community” tab.

Likely because most places take tutorials from the community and republish them, same as what we are doing. Based on that, I could be swayed either way on having it under the community tab or the resources tab.


I dont see it as a critical issue. My personal preference is under resources.


Is this thread about a category for discussion about tutorials, or for a resource category of tutorials and links where to find them.
If it is for discussion then leave it where it is. If it is going to be a resource of tutorials and used for reference is a forum the best place.
If there are more than a few it will be hard to find any particular one and updating when programmes change would be problematic as well.


Here is the thing. The tutorial category is not meant for only Blog tutorials, but for all tutorials. The creating of topics has been limited to TL3 to secure that all these tutorials are posted from credible sources. But mayhaps we can open it to TL2 people as well (pinging @wadestriebel as a community lead). The problem is not that it’s locked to only blog tutorials, it is that only blog tutorials really get posted into the category. I don’t know if that’s because there aren’t any other tuts on the forums or because it is unclear, but I encourage @1stepforward, @anon71687268, @wadestriebel and all the other moderators to move any tutorials you do find here.


Originally, when I made my first post, it was about making the tutorials easier to find on the website. I put forward the idea of creating a new menu item on the website…but clearly not everyone agreed with my suggestion of where to put them.

My thinking was that as the tutorials are created by the community for the community, then perhaps they could go under the Community menu.

As @wadestriebel says, this is not uncommon. But I’m really not that bothered either way. I’ll go with the flow. The main point is that we make them more accessible.

And it’s really not worth all of the upset it has caused.


That’s how I understood your comment (for the website), and really, everything about CP is community. But you are looking at it with eyes of having been here awhile, whereas the new user doesn’t know who made the tutorials so they wouldn’t look under Community (at least I wouldn’t).
If there is no Documentation menu item, there should be, and tutorials go under User documentation. I would expect to have the Code Reference under Developer documentation. All of these are Resources, which are under the ClassicPress site umbrella (not on the forums).
Community, to me, is a link to Slack and Forums – external to the site the menu is on.


Agree. Visibility is lacking. I feel putting it under Community, though, is to miscategorize it.

Agree. If I’m on a category page, it’s annoying to have to scroll full articles. For this type of view, I’m very accustomed to seeing a list of titles with an excerpt each. The current tutorials category (on the .net) is not enticing at all.

I see no problem with this, although they should still go into the Tutorials category here on the forums.

I think the root of the problem here is that there’s only a Tutorials category and there’s no sub-categories. So, when people look at that category and only see a certain type of tutorial, the assumption is made that those are the only types of tutorials for the category… So, they post in General (or wherever seems relevant.) A possible solution might be to create subcategories under the Tutorials category. I’m happy to move tutorials into the Tutorials category (and a sub-category) if I see one lying around. :slight_smile:

To me, Documentation and Tutorials are both resources with neither being a sub-category of the other. Documentation tends to be official whereas Tutorials do not need to meet this same threshold. Documentation tends to be more fleshed-out whereas tutorials are often specific one-off how-to guides that may not necessarily have a larger context in which to play a role. Same as you, I would never look under Community for tutorials, unless by accident.

I think this is a case where a few popular sites did it this way and others followed suit. In my opinion, they’re all doing it wrong. :smiley:

My feeling is that creating sub-categories here on the forums for tutorials is the best path forward and on the .net, I’d update the navigation as follows (also with a couple of other minor tweaks, noted below, to fix the last few remaining issues with the navigation structure):



  1. Get ClassicPress Remove; there is a big purple button right above it.
  2. FAQs
  3. Documentation
    a. Sub category 1
    b. Sub cateogry 2
    c. etc…
  4. Tutorials
    a. Sub category 1
    b. Sub cateogry 2
    c. etc…
  5. Brand Guidelines
  6. Roadmap Remove; this is an About item.


  1. Get Involved
  2. Forums
  3. Slack
  4. Petitions
  5. Contributors



  1. The ClassicPress Project
  2. Our Democracy
  3. The Roadmap
  4. FAQs Remove; this is a Resource item.



I am happy to do this. We can make the subcategories look similar to how the support category is set up; where there are the boxes at the top.

Then we can add a tutorial link to the menu items (under whatever) on the main site.


I concur with @joyously and others, tutorials belong under resources. It makes no sense to me under community.

And yes, as the tutorials grow, you’ll either need sub-categories or a landing page to list tutorials (also good for SEO).

Somebody should just decide and make it so! :slight_smile:

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