Onebox behaviour

When pasting an url the onebox is created with the link the original link redirect to, like “latest” GitHub link.
Could it be confusing? If I’m interested in the release the topic is talking about the link is correct, but if I’m going to fetch the plugin I have to check if there aer new releases.

What do you think about?

linking that redirects to CP home.

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It may be because I haven’t had my morning coffee, but I am not following.

That being said, I do see some weirdness with the link you posted. It is showing up now as but when I go to edit your post it corrects itself to the right page.

Post looks like:

Edit Preview looks like:

Yes, now I’ve changed the redirect to point to my site.
It was just a test, it’s not common to change a redirect in such a way.

But let say I link latest release of a plugin from GitHub, that at the moment of writing is 1.0.
Some months later an user click the link and is pointed to release 1.0 and not the latest one, let say now is 1.5.

I would not call this a bug, but we must aware of this, and post link like this:
In this release we got a problem:

Or… there is my awesome software, check the latest release here at