Opening long threads don't put you where you read last

Has anyone else noticed this? Like with the thread about updating the editor to version 5. Every time I open it I start at post #1 and need to scroll way down, even though I’m logged in.

Perhaps this is device-specific? I usually use my Android phone when reading and posting in this forum.

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Was this working before? Maybe last week? We just upgraded forum software.

It did change recently. I noticed it today, maybe a little yesterday.

I haven’t been here long enough to know if it was working before. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a setting that is enabled on the petition category, to start at the top after you have read all the posts and you come back. We can turn it off, but for petitions I thought it was good since it would remind everyone what the original ask was.

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That makes sense. Didn’t realize that.

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That’s okay then. No problem. Just thought I ask.

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