Options for "must-have" plugins


Yes, there is the potential to turn into its own platform with its own way of doing things/plugins/etc.



Here’s a petition to get rid of one piece of legacy code.

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Another plugin type that is must-have is a post/page duplicater

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Without author’s plugins support, this is all a short breath.
The only solution is we not to update the plugins
those who do not support CP
And then we’ll have a lot of no upgraded plugins and themes

And that for CP will not be good



Added that for you klein.

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Akeeba backup just tweeted this:

Did you know that our backup and security software works perfectly fine with @GetClassicPress – not just WordPress? We’re fully committed to supporting ClassicPress, even when it inevitably becomes too dissimilar to its fork parent. We’re in for the long ride.



Oddly enough, I have everything else that Jetpack does turned off. As far as I can tell, only two of my 90 followers get e-mail alerts, which is why I don’t understand how they get notifications and like or comment. I would carry on alone regardless, but there are a few people who have stuck with me for years.

I should have checked the list first, but thank you for adding 2-factor authentication. I’m happy to switch to other plugins as and when they turn up.

I did wonder if column shortcodes would be OK :blush:

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May I ask another dumb question? I actually use over 20 plugins, but am happy to do without or switch as necessary. I’ve seen other comments about SEO and people seem to be using a different one to me (All in One SEO). Further down the line and if or when I have to switch - what will happen to everything I’ve typed into their fields? I have over 250 pages and it was a lot of work. If there is the potential for disaster in the future, I may consider going with Dev4Press now rather than creating more redundant stuff over the coming months :slight_smile:

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There’s a good plugin to migrate SEO data between plugins, it still works but it hasn’t been updated in a while: https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-data-transporter/



Oh dear. It looks as though my site isn’t quite as finished as I thought. I had no idea this was possible though, so thank you for the link. (Goes off to move all SEO to a new plugin…) :rofl:



Please back up your database before moving SEO data. It should work just fine, but I also haven’t tested it on CP.



It’s just been announced that Shield now supports scanning of core files.



@codepotent has just released carbon-copy - “Copy posts, pages, and custom post types with a single click – including taxonomy and metadata! ClassicPress now has a native solution for one-click duplication!”

Great work… that was a plugin on the must-have list and we now have a definite option.



Man, you’re quick on the draw! :smiley:

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Not an express train, but close! :smile:



We now have a 2 factor authentication option for CP.
Thanks Zooey.



This looks promising for an image slider plugin…

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