Page Builder by Site Origin and Classic Press

I use Site Origin plugins with a number of sites. I have had a couple of conversations with the developers who were initially reluctant to commit to supporting Classic Press. But today I got this from them.
“Page Builder’s minimum WordPress version is set at 4.7 so there is no problem there. Our position on this question has evolved a bit since we last spoke, we’re happy to maintain ClassicPress support for as long as it’s affordable for us to do so. Whether or not we can maintain compatibility in the future will depend on the scale of changes made to ClassicPress and in turn, how much work that requires from us in terms of development hours. There doesn’t appear to be a version 2 roadmap published at the moment Once version 2 details are published, we can review the proposed changes and check to see if there is anything that will impact Page Builder or the Widgets Bundle. It might be that there aren’t any changes required for our plugins in the future but we can’t say without seeing what changes are planned.”


Hi @clifgraves
I have a few sites running on SIteOrigin (including my own). I was also in discussion with the SiteOrigin developer around January. It seems to me they are willing to keep support for WP 4.9. I found I had no issues running SiteOrigin on ClassicPress test sites, even when upgrading CP and PHP.

I think using SiteOrigin with CP is an acceptable risk. I would be interested to hear the followup from this with them and @james. But I doubt much can be determined by SiteOrigin until V2 is stable and released.


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