Patrick Klein

Goodmorning fellow community members,

I have decided to throw my name into the hat, so to speak. I am Patrick Klein and would love to serve the project.

For the past 7 months I have been the editor of the ClassicPress blog, currently having stepped into a personal responsibility to keep the blog running. I am also an active forum moderator that actively reads almost everything posted on here. And of course an active presence on the Slack too.

I truly believe in the ClassicPress project and would like to help it succeed in any way I can. I want to make myself available for the committee because I think I can be a helpful voice there. I hope I have shown enough in the past year of active community membership to convince the people here.

I can go into a longer spiel about all the things I have done in excruciating detail, but Iā€™d like to think that my actions speak for themselves. I hope I have been visible and diligent enough for everyone to consider me.