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From my point of experience permalinks proper setting should be set to:


and that should be at least at common settings or better as default. I can say - all of actual common settings in permalink settings are unusful dinosaurs.

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Author: Dominiq

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Using the category in the permalink is questionable in my mind, because you can assign multiple categories to a post and it will use the first one only. You can also change the category of the post, and then your link is no longer “perma”, as the redirect logic is for changed slugs and nothing else. (You can see this especially well at the WP support forums, where topics are often moved to the correct category, but the permalink isn’t affected.)
And then this is only for posts, not pages and not CPTs.
If you wanted to make a feed for the big news aggregators, you would need an ascending number (like post ID) on the end, so why isn’t that the default?

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NO for me. If someone wants to use this permalink structure, it’s easy to configure it.


It’s odd how some people think that, because they do something a certain way, it should be the default for everyone. None of the business sites I manage use this configuration. I was against the idea when it was first proposed, and I’m still against it now.

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Setting this to close in a week. In the absence of agreement upon a new default setting, I think the default is still fine and it’s easy to change the permalink structure if needed.

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