PHP Error Log Viewer 2.0.1

PHP Error Log Viewer 2.0.1

Bring your PHP error log into your ClassicPress dashboard with beautiful style! Color-coding and filterable results make your error log a super quick skim – no more wall-of-text error messages!


This version introduces a few new features and code improvements. There are now admin bar alerts, meaning you will know if an error occurs whether you’re viewing the error log or not. A dual-alert system allows you to track specific error types while not overlooking anything else that may go awry. Also in this release is reverse-sorting – this places latest errors at the top, so, you may never have to scroll again. See the onboard changelog for a list of items.


Download PHP Error Log Viewer 2.0.1 to manually install or check your dashboard for the update.


I’m working on building short user reviews for my plugins; your support is appreciated!


Because pictures! Well, picture.


Great plugin! Reverse sorting and the error count are extremely useful!

Still not working?


Love this :sweat_smile:


Thanks! That little thing was just going to be internal, but, after a few people saw a preview and loved it, I kept it in. It adds a morsel of humanity to an otherwise boring ol’ plugin. Glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

PS. Thanks for the great plugin review! You can see it live in your dashboard at:

Dashboard > Plugins > PHP Error Log Viewer [View details] > Reviews

Appreciate the support! :+1: