PHP8 Support

Is there a general timeline / expectancy for when we will get PHP8 support in ClassicPress?

Reason behind my question, even though I know PHP8 is brand new and is likely to come with a few bugs, is that offline development tools such as XAMPP ships with PHP8 and that it would be nice to test, try and check out any differences in terms of speed and security.

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I don’t think there’s any timeline for PHP 8 support in ClassicPress. My guess is that it will follow WordPress’ lead. The issue is really that even if CP/WP supports PHP 8, a vast number of plugins and themes will break under it.


Performance with PHP 8.0 under some circumstances is way slower than with 7.4.

My suggestion would be to give it a couple of ( PHP ) releases and then test it in general.

For now, WordPress and of course ClassicPress would not work with PHP 8.0, due to lots of internal peculiarities that both platforms use and implement.

Stick with PHP 7.4 and when the support tests become available, you will be informed either by official announcement or by a blog post and the like.


Yes, they will. As usual, everything has to be updated which is, as always, the developers responsibility. I was more curious about CP core support for PHP8.

WP has made a lot of updates for PHP8, released in WP 5.6. They are still finding some issues, but the plugins and themes can easily break.

I could not even finish the installation of WP 5.6 using PHP8 (XAMPP).

I just install CP using PHP8 at localhost. it’s smooth and OK. I haven’t check further, but it seem OK for now.
For the time being, I’m checking using phpstan to make sure all of the code is right statically.