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I’ve just been hunting around for some information regarding a plan for a default Theme for CP and didn’t find anything (Apologies if this is a duplicate question).

I see we’re currently come bundled with Classic Press child themes of the usual twentyfifteen etc. which is great as they are often my go-to’s for simple minimalist builds. I was just curious is there plan for a bundled default theme for 2.0? Obviously I’m keen to see more theme makers adapt their theme for CP but an out of the box simple theme would be good - though I realize it might be more practical to simply maintain the existing child themes of the twenty-whatever theme and work on CP’s popularity encouraging more dedicated devs to develop themes.

Just curious on everybody’s thoughts.


I would love to see Susty bundled, but that is a good question that I don’t know the answer to!

Pinging @james :slight_smile:


I built Twenty8teen to be a default theme and asked Matt, but he didn’t want one until GB was out. So I added some more options and put it in the WP repository. (couldn’t use the restricted slug)


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Yes, we probably do need a default theme of our own sooner or later. In previous discussion I’ve asked the author of Susty if he’d be open to us bundling it with ClassicPress, but didn’t receive an answer.

Another related issue is here:

Finally @zulfgani has been working on some nice themes, for example and


For the last week I’ve been playing with Susty and building a specific child theme around it - thankyou for linking it. I absolutely love the minimal philosophy behind it and I love the idea of this being bundled with CP as the default theme.

The only things I’ve personally changed in my child-theme (apart from some basic colours) are adding a more traditional, responsive menu through CSS alone and adding a Widget area to the footer (Though I’m sure somebody could do better when it comes to keeping things minimal). It occurs to me though that potentially little layout tweaks could also work as plugins - which would be a beautiful way to support a core-theme: minimalist changes you either add or ignore, nothing with too many features/options that people may want to disable.

Incidentally, the last work-experience kids we had in my work were doing courses in either general IT or web design and they had modules using WP as a basis. Though they were young and obviously still learning, some of them definitely have some bad practices that have been if anything exasperated by the ability to add plugins or themes of a wide-range of quality and function on the fly. So I doubly love the idea of this being bundled (as well as core-plugins) in that it not only makes sense but encourages much better practices for those using it as a learning tool (especially as somebody who is still learning myself).

Edit: The other themes mentioned are looking great as well though I’m yet to play around with them. I wouldn’t be too averse to something like Generik being bundled either.


Wondering if there is an update on this? :slight_smile:

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