Please turn off blogging features by default in the core

Blogging users generally want everything public and then make some things private from there.
Business users generally want everything private and then make some things public from there.
This has some significant design implications.
Blogging users generally want access to all features, with the option to turn off some features.
On the other hand, business users generally see any feature that is not being used actively as an unnecessary risk / potential attack vector.

It would be absolutely amazing if CP can turn off all blogging features by default, making them opt-in instead of opt-out.
Here I am referring to things like XML-RPC, RSS feeds and the like.

So many business users and devs have unsuccessfully lobbied for this on the WP forums.
It would be a significant advantage for a platform to serve this need.

This philosophy will also make effective user education (particularly about risks) a great deal easier and greatly improve documentation quality.


Hi @anon71742606 and welcome. Thanks for offering these thoughts. Have you browsed our petitions to see if this has been suggested yet? If it has, please add your vote! If not, please go ahead and add a petition.


Thanks @BlueSkyPhoenix
I have browsed the list of petitions and I have upvoted a dozen or so that fit right into my philosophy (like disabling calls to Gravatar completely by default and making the site logo the default image on the login screen).
I am still busy educating myself for now though. I know I have said quite a bit on the forums in a short time, but I have read significantly more. I’d like to have a more comprehensive and coherent proposal before starting my own petition and I need to read a bit more first. :bouquet:


Also check out the road map. You can see in V2 there is talk of introducing the concept of “core plugins” that can be enabled/disabled. XML-RPC is mentioned there and I know it’s come up a lot in discussions.

This is an interesting observation that hadn’t really occurred to me before. But, yes, they are two completely opposite approaches. And CP is supposed to be a “business-focused” CMS. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As others have said, this belongs on the petitions site.

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