Plugin Directory API integration

Just a thought. I am a minimalist. That said, why not have a Directory inside of CP core admin panel which replaces the plugins’ API altogether. Simpler and hardly ANY code. Maybe try integrating @alvarofranz JSON idea into this.

  • Plugins menu item directs to plugin page.
  • On page would be a LIST of plugins that are available (just a list with Name Descrptn’ Link)
  • Description is less than x words and link is shorten so all info is in ONE line.

Plugins for ClassicPress

Name ----- Description ----- view/download ---- version
Rev Cleaner | Removes old revisions from… | friendly-link-github-maybe | 1.2.21

No popups to show off and promote/cross-promote. Nothing but the minimal amount of info needed. This will also lead to Plugin Author’s to work harder on their presentation page (link to plugin download). This is TRUE Open Source as it takes load off of (us/CP) and puts said load on author.

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DM me your Github username and I can get you access if you are interested in helping develop it.

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@anon66243189 has a pretty good solution, or at least a very good start on it anyways.


That page is private.
But yes. He has a solution.

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