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We’re simply discussing it. Each of us making our voices heard. As I mentioned previously, whatever is decided, I’ll be happy to go with it.


Personally I’ve never liked freemium (but then I don’t like cutesy, made-up words).

The only alternative I can suggest is free, semi-commercial and commercial (which is a bit of a mouthful :grimacing:)


I don’t think Commercial fits the context and am sure I’ve never seen it used in that way.


Yeah… I think I’m with Graham. No point reinventing the wheel. Probably best to go with whatever will be most easily understood, which is the status quo.


Why not use

  • Free
  • Paid Features
  • Fully Paid

No rules against it being two word categories right?
You can also replace Fully Paid with the categories:

  • One-time Payment
  • Pay per Term


I swore to butt out of this conversation, but can’t help myself. Why not think outside the box:


or as in web hosting:


You only need to explain what each means the once.


First, can we agree that end users understand the words “free”, “freemium”, and “premium” in the context of WordPress plugins?

If that’s the case, why are we putting a learning hurdle in their way?

I don’t much like the words either, but if that’s the common usage, to what end are we trying to be different? How does it help the end user? How does it help us?




My vote is for “free / freemium / premium” because it’s so widely used in the WP community that it ought to be fairly universally understood.


I’ve added Freemium back along with definitions for the three to the rules above.

Obviously, this can be changed again should the situation change in future, but it seems the consensus (and vote) is for this.


Thanks for keeping up, @azurecurve. I

I just want to clarify that the poll wasn’t intended to collect votes for a decision like a petition; it was just gauging the feeling in this thread as we discussed things. It did cause some confusion, though, so I’m dropping another link to the thread that was split off.


To be honest, I’m going more by what different people said rather than the vote (plus bear in mind the fact I’m just a forum user trying to help out and have zero official standing).

I understand the various points of view and there is a difference between Premium (Paid) and premium (Quality), but the terminology used in rules and Directory need to be easily understood and it seems the majority think that Premium (paid) is likely the most understood based on historic usage in WordPress plugins…


This describes every one of us, except committee members. Sorry, if it seemed I was criticizing…that wasn’t the intent. :slight_smile:


I’ve just been thinking exactly the same thing. In fact, these are much broader questions and I came up with a simple test that I intend to use in future… “better vs familiar”. In other words: “Does the proposed change make it in some way better for the user; if not, we should keep it familiar for the user”.

So by that test, there’s no real gain in changing the names, so we should keep them the same.


That thought hadn’t even crossed my mind.


This is what I love in this community, people helping and moving things forward. :facepunch:

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