Plugin Directory Structure


As I am curious how the community feels, here is a poll to find out:


I’ve left Free/Freemium and Premium in place following the discussions.

Is an Adoption/Takeover tab listing plugins tagged for adoption or old and un-maintained worth including? This would give an obvious place for people to look for plugins which can be adopted or taken over?


I wouldn’t include a user-facing tab for this. Somewhere handy, but not in the dashboard.


I’ve been thinking of the visibility element as both dashboard and website, but looking back I’ve not stated that anywhere.


Let’s not worry about UI for adoption just yet - we don’t even have the directory running! Defining the rules is important so people know what they’re signing up to when they list their plugin or theme, but how we actually present choices for adoption etc can safely be left until later.


Just like ads, these should be limited to a certain time frame to allow others to feature their plugins, and they should be marked as “sponsored” to disclose material connection. FCC in US frowns upon advertising disguised as recommendations, unless material connection is clearly disclosed.