Plugin "ethics" question.(all in one seo)

Good morning CP friends. Quick question on forking WP plugins. If the plugins are GPL-2.0 can I simply strip the plugins of any “pro” code and any other code and then rename the plugin and maintain under a new name?

Making sure I’m not ethically stepping out of bounds some how…

Basically I am forking off an older version of All In One SEO and restoring it back to it’s glory days of being light weight and bloat free. I suppose it’s no different than what CP did with WP?

Thanks !


Hi James, and welcome to the community!

The blessing (and the curse) of open source is that anyone can fork an open source project. So, to answer the questions: yes, you can fork the software; yes, it’s ethical to do so; yes, that’s what ClassicPress did.

However, you must leave copyright notices intact, and you must not use any proprietary assets (like images and documentation, unless also specifically released under GPL.)

You’ve come to the right place. A few other notable forks 'round these parts are Classic Commerce (forked from WooCommerce,) Classic SEO (forked from Rank Math,) and Enriched Editor (forked from TinyMCE Advanced.)



Thank you, and thank you for your response!

I will take a look at Classic SEO. Looks like this might have the same basic features I am looking for. No point in reinventing the wheel if I can supports what’s out there already…


If you try Classic SEO, please do let us know how it goes. I’m sure @1stepforward and @ozfiddler would be happy to hear any feedback. :+1:


Ok holy crap. Loving ClassicPress SEO. It’s like the old school All In One SEO plugin without all the spammification.

Will def report on stuff to the devs…thanks for pointing this out to me!


Thanks for the feedback James. Glad you like what you’ve seen so far. The aim, as with all things ClassicPress, is to keep Classic SEO (and all plugins) as lightweight as possible.

When we first started developing CPSEO, we didn’t have the original, unminified JS and CSS files to work with so it was a little bit tricky, but we’ve now been able to get hold of these and we’ll merge them into a future release.

Keep the feedback coming ( as long as it’s good :wink: ).

Thanks again.


Welcome, @jamesburnettio!

Bug reports and suggestions for improvement are also welcome, of course :slight_smile: