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How about photography plugins like FooGallery? Will these typical plugins work with CP?
I use it a lot.
Thank you, Ron

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Rule of thumb: if the plugin works with WordPress 4.9, it works with ClassicPress. There are only a couple of exceptions, noted in the article below. Take a quick read and you’ll be up to speed with how it works. :slight_smile:


· OK, all is based on the Rule of Thumb:

· Genesis Simple Edits Requires WordPress Version: 5.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 5.4.2

· That means that the WordPress 5.5 and higher is not supporting Genesis. What about CP?
Thank you, RGe

As I mentioned above, if it supports WP 4.9, then it works with ClassicPress. Since Genesis Simple Edits requires WordPress 5.0 (is greater than WordPress 4.9,) no, it won’t work properly with ClassicPress. If a plugin or theme requires anything higher than WordPress 4.9, then it probably won’t work properly with ClassicPress. This means you’ll probably have to dig into the plugin’s older versions and find the last one that works with (supports) WordPress 4.9.x. It should be noted, however, that using older plugins is, generally, not a good practice as those versions are no longer receiving security updates.

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Hi John,

It says compatible up to 5.4.2 WordPress. That is why I do not want to upgrade WordPress to 5.5.1
Up to means, I think, also 4.9?


No. The plugin requires WordPress 5.0 and is compatible up to WordPress 5.4.2 – this means nothing less than 5.0 and nothing more than 5.4.2.

Being a Dutch person it is a bit confusing.

Thank you

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I had the incorrect version numbers in my previous reply. I updated it to reflect the correct numbers; please see previous reply. Sorry for the confusion.

The solution is to use the last plugin version, that supports WP 4.9. In this case, you should install a good firewall or two (if you are paranoid like me) and keep an eye on security reports about security issues in those plugins. Your previous question about Cerber security and Ninja firewall, yes, they are separate plugins. Here the links:

I still use Genesis Simple Edits 2.2.2. on some sites with WP 4.9 and CP without issues. Of course I am waiting for the fork of Genesis to the Foxland Framework, @zulfgani promised it some time ago :slight_smile:

Just for information, Genesis Simple Edits 2.2.2 can be downloaded here:

2.2.2 is the last version to work with WordPress 4.x.

@zulfgani - if you’re around, any chance you could give us all an update on Foxland please?

Foxland would be great. My Genesis is also running on 2.2.2 and WordPress 4.x.
Mark, a Webinar teacher from about 12/13 years ago, and sold me also the Template, bought at that time the whole package from StudioPress/Genesis. I wonder if more older templates in his package are now on the outdated list. I had sent him an email and expect an answer the coming days. I hope he knows CP.

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You can use Genesis Sample - a free Genesis child theme. If I remember correctly, the 2.10 still works with WP 4.9.

Just a quick aside - that is probably going to need a different name:


What about Alphaland

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Suits me. I never liked that name anyway for reasons previously mentioned…


The name is Foxland Framework, not Foxland, and Alphaland Framework, not Alphaland.

Foxland Framework, because of the double entendre, is better remembered.

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