Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1


Thanks both.

Updated list.


All the plugins I’ve developed are ClassicPress tested and compatible:



@zigpress Now…could those be the basis for starting a CP plugin repository? If they are known to work with CP, why not have these vetted by The Committee and added as the basis for the plugin repository and you could be one of the first plugin developers? What would be the downsides to doing this? Have you asked anyone on The Committee about helping get that up and functional yet?

Can I give a “shout out” to @wadestriebel or anyone else to see what they think of that?


Well I’m not a committee member and don’t know what the plans are for a CP plugin repo, but if one is started, I would certainly have no problem with adding my plugins to it, and developing more as and when I have the time. I’m keen for CP to succeed.


There is talk of a plugin repo being created (a POC on Git has been created, but I don;t think it has progressed beyond the repo itself (i.e. no code for CP). I’ve already offered to help test and submit my plugins.

I’ll only support WP until Gbug breaks my plugins them I’m out and will be CP only.

p.s. thanks for the list of your plugins; I’ve added them to the first post.


@voltaire, @zigpress, and @azurecurve

I think it would be great to get them added to a plugin repo for CP! That is the next big project, getting the plugin directory up and running. Here is a link to the current repo (a little empty at the moment):

Further discussion here: ClassicPress Plugin Directory


Yeah, I’ve seen the discussion and, think, I’ve chipped in a few comments.

Just need you guys to work your magic!

I’ll do whatever I can to help (most likely with testing).


There you, @wadestriebel. We’ve got our first plugin developer who has said openly he wants to get involved and already has plugins to add to the repo. Why not vet the plugins and let him add them (along with premium versions so he can get a little “skin in the game” as they say)? And @azurecurve has said he’ll test 'em.

The Universe rewards action, guys! I’m the not the brilliant, experienced programmer that many of you guys are, so all I can do (so far) is offer to be the bur in the saddle and the marketing guy trying to proffer input.

What would we have to do to get the plugin repo up and running with @zigpress 's plugins in there as a foundational start? Once that’s done, @azurecurve can add premium support levels, CP-specific ones, offer other perks or whatever.

Encourage development of an official ClassicPress Secretary

The plugin directory has to be built from the ground up before anyone can add any plugins to it :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in getting involved with contributing to it you can DM me or @james to get started.


There are still many things to decide regarding the new repo. If it’s opened up as-is, there’s no guidance on directory structure, handling assets, etc. End users need a consistent way to navigate and search without having to understand a new navigation structure or layout for each plugin’s page…and these are just a few of the considerations. Of course, documents and documentation will also need to be drafted… I’d love it if the repo was open today, but think it needs to be approached systematically, with consideration to what does and doesn’t work at the WP repo.


I agree.

Would you be interested in working on that maybe with @wadestriebel or @james and then bring in azure and zigpress and maybe tommy if they’re interested. I’m more of a marketing guy, but I think that might make a start? What do you guys think?


For me, the biggest factor is time – no amount of excitement can squeeze more man-hours out of my system. I don’t want to be that guy who says Let’s Gitter Done! and then realizes it’s more of a commitment than can be managed. I’ve got a lot on my plate, so, at this point, my contribution to the plugin repo will be participating in the discussions that I presume will be had before the repo is created. As CP becomes more of my regular workflow (as opposed to squeezing it in as I am now,) I’ll have more time to make more substantive contributions. In the meantime, I’ll keep on keepin’ on with the ol’ piece-meal support efforts by submitting issues and PRs, following the forum, sharing on Twitter, being present in Slack, etc.

Migrate or wait...?

Child Theme Generator (by Serafino Corriero working fine on CP. Asked the developer if he will actively support CP, not yet heard from him, but I expect that it will work anyway.


Updated. Thanks @jfmayer


I also have a few plugins that are working on ClassicPress. I also add a line in each of them that I support ClassicPress, so they can be found via the search in the WP Repo.

  • Hide SEO Bloat
  • Pinyin Slugs
  • Responsive Content
  • Remove WPML Menu Sync
  • Mobile Map Widget

I have a few more plugins that still need to be updated, once I have done that, I will add them here.


The developerof Child Theme Generator has now confirmed (on the WP comments page for his plugin) that he intends to support CP indeed.


Plugins that I’m using with CPv1 and are working OK, which I could not see listed above.

  • Clean Login
  • Disable Embeds
  • Disable Feeds
  • Disable Google Fonts
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Fast Velocity Minify
  • Maintenance Mode


The Events Manager works well on ClassicPress.


I had already mentioned Widget Options and Extended Widget Options (premium) as working with CP, and I have now received an explicit commitment from the developer: “I’ll be supporting ClassicPress too :slight_smile: No worries about backward compatibility, I’ll be checking with both versions.”

I assume this will apply to the other plugins from PHP Bits. If there would be problems, my experience has been that the developer is quite friendly and cooperative, and he would surely do his best to fix anything required for the plugins to work on CP.


Thanks @pieter, @jfmayer, @joe38 and @MikeB