Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1


I’ll be curating this list of plugins which have been tested by the community as working with ClassicPress v1.

Please add your list of tested plugins below and I’ll add them all to this first post to serve as the master list:

  1. AccessPress Social Pro (CP v1)
  2. Add Categories to Pages (CP v1)
  3. AddToAny Share Buttons (CP v1)
  4. Admin Color Schemer (CP v1)
  5. Admin Color Schemes (CP v1)
  6. Admin Menu Editor Pro (CP v1)
  7. Admin Word Count Column (CP v1)
  8. Adminimize (CP v1)
  9. Ads inserter Pro (CP v1)
  10. Advanced Ads (CP v1)
  11. Advanced Custom Fields (CP v1)
  12. Advanced Custom Fields Pro) (CP v1)
  13. Advanced Post Types Order (CP v1)
  14. Advanced Sidebar Menu (CP v1)
  15. Age Gate (CP v1)
  16. Akismet (CP v1)
  17. Album and Image Gallery Plus Lightbox Pro (CP v1)
  18. All In One SEO Pack (CP v1)
  19. All In One WP Security (CP v1)
  20. All-in-One Event Calendar by (CP v1)
  21. All-in-One WP Migration (CP v1)
  22. All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension (CP v1)
  23. AME Branding Add-on (CP v1)
  24. Anti-spam (CP v1)
  25. Antispam Bee (CP v1)
  26. ARI Adminer (CP v1)
  27. Aspexi Facebook Like Box Slider (CP v1)
  28. Autoptimize (CP v1)
  29. azurecurve BBCode (CP v1) #
  30. azurecurve Breadcrumbs (CP v1) #
  31. azurecurve Comment Validator (CP v1) #
  32. azurecurve Conditional Links (CP v1) #
  33. azurecurve Display After Post Content (CP v1) #
  34. azurecurve Filtered Categories (CP v1) #
  35. azurecurve Flags (CP v1) #
  36. azurecurve Floating Featured Image (CP v1) #
  37. azurecurve Get Plugin Info (CP v1) #
  38. azurecurve Icons (CP v1) #
  39. azurecurve Insult Generator (CP v1) #
  40. azurecurve Mobile Detection (CP v1) #
  41. azurecurve Multisite Favicon (CP v1) #
  42. azurecurve Page Index (CP v1) #
  43. azurecurve Posts Archive (CP v1) #
  44. azurecurve RSS Feed (CP v1) #
  45. azurecurve RSS Suffix (CP v1) #
  46. azurecurve Series Index (CP v1) #
  47. azurecurve Shortcodes In Comments (CP v1) #
  48. azurecurve Shortcodes In Widgets (CP v1) #
  49. azurecurve Tag Cloud (CP v1) #
  50. azurecurve Taxonomy Index (CP v1) #
  51. azurecurve Theme Switcher (CP v1) #
  52. azurecurve Timelines (CP v1) #
  53. azurecurve Toggle Show/Hide (CP v1) #
  54. BackupBuddy (CP v1)
  55. BAW Login/Logout menu (CP v1)
  56. bbPress (CP v1)
  57. bbPress New UI (CP v1)
  58. Beaver Builder Plugin (CP v1)
  59. Beaver Themer (CP v1)
  60. Better Notifications for WordPress (CP v1)
  61. Broken Link Checker (CP v1)
  62. BulkPress (CP v1)
  63. Captcha (CP v1)
  64. Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order (CP v1)
  65. CF7 Invisible reCAPTCHA (CP v1)
  66. Child Theme Configurator (CP v1)
  67. Child Theme Configurator Pro (CP v1)
  68. Child Theme Generator (CP v1)
  69. Cimy User Manager (CP v1)
  70. Classic Smilies (CP v1)
  71. Clean Login (CP v1) #
  72. CleanTalk SpamFireWall (aka Anti-Spam by CleanTalk) (CP v1)
  73. CloudFlare Flexible SSL (CP v1)
  74. Code Snippets (CP v1)
  75. Code Snippets (CP v1)
  76. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd (CP v1)
  77. Comment Approved (CP v1)
  78. Contact Form 7 (CP v1)
  79. Contact Form 7 CFD (CP v1)
  80. Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields (CP v1)
  81. Contact Form 7 Honeypot (CP v1)
  82. Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms (CP v1)
  83. Contact Form 7 Redirection (CP v1)
  84. Content Views (CP v1)
  85. Content Views Pro (CP v1)
  86. Cookie Notice (CP v1)
  87. Count Per Day (CP v1)
  88. Crisp (CP v1)
  89. Cryout Serious Theme Settings (* companion to Nirvana and other themes) (CP v1)
  90. Currently Reading (CP v1)
  91. Custom Content Shortcode (CP v1)
  92. Custom Meta Widget (CP v1)
  93. Custom Module (CP v1)
  94. Custom Skins Contact Form 7 (CP v1)
  95. DC CODE User Avatar (CP v1)
  96. Disable Embeds (CP v1) #
  97. Disable Feeds (CP v1) #
  98. Disable Google Fonts (CP v1) #
  99. Disable Gutenberg (CP v1)
  100. Disable XML-RPC (CP v1) #
  101. Divi 100 Login Page (CP v1)
  102. Divi Booster (CP v1)
  103. Divi Builder (CP v1) #
  104. Dobby (CP v1)
  105. Duplicate Post (CP v1)
  106. Duplicator (CP v1)
  107. Easy FAQ with Expanding Text (CP v1)
  108. Easy Pricing Tables by Fatcat Apps (CP v1)
  109. Easy WP SMTP (CP v1)
  110. Edit Author Slug (CP v1)
  111. Elastic Email Sender (CP v1)
  112. Elementor (CP v1)
  113. Elementor Pro (CP v1)
  114. Email Address encoder (CP v1)
  115. Email Subscribers & Newsletters (CP v1)
  116. Email Users (CP v1)
  117. Email Users (CP v1)
  118. Enhanced Media Library (CP v1)
  119. Enhanced Media Library Pro (CP v1)
  120. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard (CP v1)
  121. Essential Addons for Elementor - Pro (CP v1)
  122. EU Cookie Law (CP v1)
  123. Events Manager (CP v1) #
  124. Extended Widget Options (CP v1) #
  125. Fast Velocity Minify (CP v1) #
  126. Featured Image by URL (CP v1)
  127. Forget About Shortcode Buttons (CP v1)
  128. Format Media Titles (free version) (CP v1)
  129. Formidable API (CP v1)
  130. Formidable Forms (CP v1)
  131. Formidable Forms Pro (CP v1)
  132. Formidable Registration (CP v1)
  133. GD bbPress Tools (CP v1)
  134. GDPR Consent (CP v1)
  135. GDPR Cookie Consent (CP v1)
  136. GNU Terry Pratchett (CP v1)
  137. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (CP v1)
  138. Google Language Translator (CP v1)
  139. Google XML Sitemaps (CP v1)
  140. GP Premium (CP v1)
  141. Gravity Forms (CP v1)
  142. Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on (CP v1)
  143. hashtagger (CP v1)
  144. Hide SEO Bloat (CP v1) #
  145. Icegram-Popups, Optins, CTAs & lot more… (CP v1)
  146. Image Rotator Widget (CP v1)
  147. Imsanity (CP v1)
  148. InfiniteWP (CP v1)
  149. Instant Images (CP v1)
  150. iReview Theme (CP v1)
  151. iThemes Security Pro (CP v1)
  152. Jetpack (CP v1)
  153. JReviews for WordPress plugin (CP v1)
  154. Justified Image Grid (Premium) (CP v1)
  155. KVTinyMCE Editor Add Fonts (CP v1)
  156. Leaflet Maps Marker (CP v1)
  157. Lightweight Subscribe To Comments (CP v1)
  158. Limit Login Attempts (CP v1)
  159. List all posts by Author, nested Categories and Titles (CP v1)
  160. List category posts (CP v1)
  161. Loco Translate (CP v1)
  162. Login reCAPTCHA (CP v1)
  163. Loginizer (CP v1)
  164. Maintenance Mode (CP v1) #
  165. MainWP (CP v1)
  166. MainWP Child (CP v1)
  167. Mammoth .docx converter (CP v1)
  168. Manage XML-RPC (CP v1)
  169. ManageWP - Worker (CP v1)
  170. Maps Marker Pro (CP v1) #
  171. MB Custom Post Type (CP v1)
  172. Mechanic Visitor Counter (CP v1)
  173. Media Cloud (CP v1)
  174. Members (CP v1)
  175. Meta Box (CP v1)
  176. Meta Box - Beaver Themer Integrator (CP v1)
  177. Meta Box AIO (CP v1)
  178. Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox Pro (CP v1)
  179. Mobile Map Widget (CP v1) #
  180. My Calendar (CP v1)
  181. My Private Site (CP v1)
  182. Nested Pages (CP v1)
  183. Netgsm (CP v1)
  184. NextGen Gallery (CP v1)
  185. NextGen Pro (CP v1)
  186. Ocean Custom Sidebar (CP v1)
  187. Ocean Extra (CP v1)
  188. Ocean Hooks (CP v1)
  189. Ocean Pro Demos (CP v1)
  190. Ocean Social Sharing (CP v1)
  191. Ocean Sticky Header (CP v1)
  192. Ocean White Label (CP v1)
  193. Ocean Woo Popup (CP v1)
  194. Online Payments with PayPal and Stripe - By vCita (CP v1)
  195. Optimus (CP v1)
  196. Organize Series (CP v1)
  197. Page Builder by Site Origin (CP v1)
  198. Page Links To (CP v1)
  199. Pinyin Slugs (CP v1) #
  200. Plugin Inspector (CP v1)
  201. Post Grid (CP v1)
  202. Post SMTP (CP v1)
  203. Post Type Switcher (CP v1)
  204. Post Types Order (CP v1)
  205. Quick Toolbar (CP v1)
  206. Rainmaker - The Best Readymade WP Forms Plugin (CP v1)
  207. Really Simple SSL (CP v1)
  208. Redux Framework (CP v1)
  209. Regenerate Thumbnails (CP v1)
  210. Relevanssi (+ Relevanssi Premium) (CP v1)
  211. Remove WPML Menu Sync (CP v1) #
  212. Responsive Content (CP v1) #
  213. Responsive Menu (CP v1)
  214. Restrict Widgets (CP v1)
  215. Schedule Posts Calendar (CP v1)
  216. SEOPress (CP v1)
  217. SEOPress PRO (CP v1)
  218. Shortcodes Ultimate (CP v1)
  219. Shortcodes Ultimate: Extra Shortcodes (CP v1)
  220. Shortcodes Ultimate: Shortcode Creator (CP v1)
  221. Show IDs (CP v1)
  222. Sidebar Login (CP v1)
  223. Simple Content Templates (CP v1)
  224. Simple CSS (CP v1)
  225. Simple History (CP v1)
  226. Simple Local Avatars (CP v1)
  227. Simple Sitemap (CP v1)
  228. Simple Sitemap Pro (CP v1)
  229. Simple User Avatar (CP v1)
  230. Site Info (CP v1)
  231. Site Offline (CP v1)
  232. Slack Notifications (CP v1)
  233. Smart Slider 3 Pro (CP v1)
  234. Smush (CP v1)
  235. Spoken Word (CP v1)
  236. Subscribe to “Double-Opt-In” Comments (CP v1)
  237. Sucuri Security (CP v1)
  238. Swift Performance (CP v1)
  239. Switch to ClassicPress (CP v1)
  240. The SEO Framework (CP v1)
  241. Theme My Login (CP v1)
  242. Thrive Architect (CP v1)
  243. Thrive Leads (CP v1)
  244. TinyMCE Advanced (CP v1)
  245. To Top (CP v1)
  246. Top 10 (CP v1)
  247. TranslatePress - Extra Languages Add-on (CP v1)
  248. TranslatePress - Multilingual (CP v1)
  249. Ultimate Category Exclude (CP v1)
  250. Ultimate Member (CP v1)
  251. Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget (CP v1)
  252. UpdraftPlus (CP v1)
  253. User Role Editor Pro (CP v1)
  254. Weather Atlas Widget (CP v1)
  255. Widget Options (CP v1) #
  256. WordFence (CP v1)
  257. Wordfence Security (CP v1)
  258. Wordpress Auto Spinner (CP v1)
  259. WordPress Automatic Plugin (CP v1)
  260. WordPress Carousel (CP v1)
  261. WordPress Editorial Calendar (CP v1)
  262. WordPress Importer (CP v1)
  263. WordPress Scheduled Time by (CP v1)
  264. WordPress Toolbar Editor (CP v1)
  265. WP Admin Color Schemes (CP v1)
  266. WP Ajaxify Comments (CP v1)
  267. WP Broken Link Status Checker (CP v1)
  268. WP Edit (CP v1)
  269. WP ERP (free version) (CP v1)
  270. WP Frontend Admin (CP v1)
  271. WP Full Stripe Free (CP v1)
  272. WP Mail SMTP Plugin by Mail Bank (CP v1)
  273. WP Optize (CP v1)
  274. WP Photo Album Plus (CP v1)
  275. WP Power Stats (CP v1)
  276. WP Real Media Library (Premium) (CP v1)
  277. WP Rocket (CP v1)
  278. WP Statistics (CP v1)
  279. WP Stealth Site (CP v1)
  280. WP Super Cache (CP v1)
  281. WP Ultimo (CP v1)
  282. WP User Frontend (CP v1)
  283. WP User Frontend Pro - business (CP v1)
  284. WPBakery Visual Composer (CP v1)
  285. WP-DBManager (CP v1)
  286. wpForo (CP v1)
  287. WP-SCSS (CP v1)
  288. WP-Sweep (CP v1)
  289. YellowPencil Pro (CP v1)
  290. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (CP v1)
  291. Yoast SEO Premium (CP v1)
  292. ZigConnect (CP v1) #
  293. ZigCookie (CP v1) #
  294. ZigDashNote (CP v1) #
  295. ZigHtaccess (CP v1) #
  296. ZigPluginSafe (CP v1) #
  297. ZigTrap (CP v1) #
  298. ZigTweets (CP v1) #
  299. ZigWidgetClass (CP v1) #

Supported versions are in parentheses; # designates where developer says they will support ClassicPress.

Thanks to all who have contributed their lists of tested plugins already.

ClassicPress Plugin Directory
U-Design Theme supporting ClassicPress
WPBakery Page Builder
I saw this in the Maps Marker Pro FAQ

This is a mammoth task, thank you for taking it on.

How will you handle version updates of the plugins?


Initial thought, is that’s going to depend on people telling us if a plugin is no longer compatible; I can then add to the above a supported up to version.

I could also add a note to show if a dev has promised compatibility going forward too.


They are not my own plugins, but I have been testing with ClassicPress and see that Responsive Menu by Peter Featherstone, GDPR Consent by WP Upgrader and WP-SCSS by Connect Think also work perfectly


Is this list going to be sortable? There are somewhere around 100,000 (estimate) plugins free to premium for WordPress. How long do you expect your list to become?

Wouldn’t it be easier to provide a list of plugins that have been proven to be incompatible with ClassicPress v1?

I work with somewhere around 350 different plugins on various sites, I don’t have time to list them all and report that they are working with ClassicPress. I can tell you the couple I have found that don’t. I’ve already reported them.


That’s a good point. So far I’ve had no problems with my plugins, but listing all of them?


We can just put this on Google SpreedSheets for easy sorting and letting other CP user to add, update and delete info.


Does being able to delete and update not make it very vandalism-prone? Maybe you should only allow people to make comments and have admins put those changes into effect.


We can select few to have access to it.


I have the list in an Excel spreadsheet and have been posting the list from there.

A list of both working and broken plugins might be useful; I’d lean more to the former than the latter though.


I’m using CP (as updated) on about 10 sites that all run Divi, so by default the Divi Builder plugin would work and of course the DIvi theme. I contacted Elegant Themes the company that supports Divi and was told they saw no reason why Divi would not be compatible with CP, even their most recent update to work with Gutenberg should work fine with CP.


Whatever floats your boat.

I will look at places were a tally is kept of plugins that have been tested and don’t work. I don’t have time to sort through the many thousands that do. I already know most that I use do. It takes less time for me to install a plugin and find out if it works, than to try and locate a plugin in a list to see that it works for someone else.

It may not work in my environment because of potential theme or other plugin conflicts. And that has to be tested to figure out.

Good luck with your project. I hope it is useful. It’s just not for me.


I can confirm that the following plugins are working on CP:

  • To Top
  • Relevanssi (+ Relevanssi Premium)
  • Mammoth .docx converter

I asked the developer of Relevanssi if it would work with CP. His answer is: “as long as ClassicPress is WP 4.9.8 compatible, no problem”. With a caveat about the long-term: “if the fork diverges from WordPress a lot, then it’s harder to say.” The same could be said for many plugins, no doubt: if a strong CP market emerges, definitely many developers will make the additional effort to support it.


Two points:

  1. If a tab of noted un-working plugins would be useful, I see no issue adding and maintaining it.
  2. David Artiss did a plugin which lists installed plugins; I could fork it and do a version which returns that list in the admin panel rather than in a shortcode on post or page. This would allow people to quickly and easily get a list of plugins they’re using.


The Site Info plugin gives a nice list of installed plugins and their statuses, as well as a few other handy details. It’s compatible with ClassicPress. :slight_smile:


Again, thank you @azurecurve for taking this on (it is funny when we don’t have a master list everyone wants one, but now that we do everyone doesn’t want it :wink: ).


Yeah, but what are you going to do? :slight_smile:


I suggested forking as I can output in the format I’d prefer people to paste without me having to strip anything out.


I have each of these running on one or more of six sites, and so far, I haven’t had any problems turn up. No errors during migration, and everything seems to be working smoothly.

Admin Color Schemer
Admin Color Schemes
Admin Word Count Column
Age Gate
Classic Smilies
Cryout Serious Theme Settings (* companion to Nirvana and other themes)
Duplicate Post
Email Address encoder
GNU Terry Pratchett
Limit Login Attempts
List all posts by Author, nested Categories and Titles
Page Builder by Site Origin
Post Type Switcher
Post Types Order
Quick Toolbar
Schedule Posts Calendar
TinyMCE Advanced
Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget
WordPress Editorial Calendar
WordPress Importer
WordPress Scheduled Time by
WP Admin Color Schemes


Thanks jfmayer and prysmcat (and others if I’ve missed thanking someone).

I’ve updated the list in the first post.