Plugins on git

As I can see many ClassicPress plugins are available on github.
But in different ways:

  • link to an archive file
  • a release
  • download a zip

Why there are those differences? Just asking, because (and I’ll post about that) I’m very new to git…

As I can see the git api can point to the last release, so a plugin can be quick to install from wp-cli.
And also can be (easily i think) included in the process of updating.


Might have to have someone correct me, haha but how I understand it: The releases are official releases, the download as zip is for downloading the code that is in the branch right now, and the archive file is for archived repositories?


At this point the official ClassicPress plugin directory doesn’t exist, so, plugin (and theme) developers are left to their own devices in terms of how they make their titles available. For example, I was originally serving mine from the big green “Clone or Download” button, but, have since changed – that method adds -master to my directory! Instead, I’ve moved over to creating releases and will create a better interface (on my own site) that allows users to download them directly from GitHub (but, via my site.) Once the official directory is built, we will have clear guidelines and the process will be made consistent.


Ok, thank you both, I’ve never used GitHub, SVN and similar, and I was searching a way to automate updates. I’ll wait for the official directory to come!