I would contact Chris Lema.com, Troy Dean.co.uk, and Brent Weaver on Twitter or through Ugurus and ask them for either a podcast interview or coverage of some kind. And personally, I would create a podcast / vlog to promote CP, but I’ve said this before. There are plenty of people who could guest, discuss matters, and that leads to social media content to cross-promote. If there’s zero interest fine, but that’s my input.


Do we have anyone in the community that is a podcaster/vlogger or is interested in starting a podcast or vlog to promote CP?


To me, the idea would be to have a podcast interviewing developers working on CP espousing the benefits of it, how it’s unique or different from WP, plugin use, changes and so on. You could have guests from The Committee, others who post, users, and so forth. This would then give you content for cross-promotion on social media distribution, this would then give you content for blog posts, and if the podcast is done as a video it would give you considerable content to share via YouTube (the #2 search engine), and would also open doors to other podcasters. It would need to be stated that whomever does the podcast/vlog or whatever what CP expectations are in advance so whoever is doing the hosting and questioning can do it. The biggest issue I see would be “buy in,” enthusiasm in committing. People launch podcasts with alot less every day…and if the objective is to get the word out, what have you got to lose by taking action?

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I feel that if someone were to create and maintain a podcast (or any other consumable content), they can do it under their own name/brand/format/rules; it doesn’t necessarily have to be approved or guided by the leadership. For example, it took me a couple months, but, I built my site (Code Potent) specifically to promote ClassicPress. I didn’t get approval for my activities/tone/direction/etc – I just took the initiative.

Why not do the action you wish to see. :wink:


I like everything you’ve said here and a CP-sanctioned podcast would be great – hopefully a community member sees this and takes action.

I also agree with @Code_Potent – an independent 3rd party that takes the initiative would be – in some ways – even more powerful.

No matter whether it’s a community member acting independently or a community member that works with the rest of the community to make a podcast happen… I hope to see someone move forward with this.


I was making a suggestion to try to help.

I don’t have time to host a ClassicPress podcast, the equipment for a podcast and video production, and don’t have access to The Committee membership.

Just trying to help. If someone with CP wants to do it, there’s one more suggestion that can be done or not done.

I hear ya. I’ve seen many times where you’ve mentioned that people needed to take action… just pointing out that you could do this just as well as anyone. No committee membership required.


@Code_Potent Yes, I believe that businesses (and people) benefit from taking action, not thinking about taking action one day or discussing possible ways actions could potentially be taken for months at a time. I’m all for organization and planning, but I’m also used to meeting deadlines, setting them, and being held accountable. I spent decades in mid-level “boiler room” agencies and around military people. We had daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly deadlines. When I was a reporter, we had daily deadlines. So when I work with clients we go through a discovery process, come up with deliverables, a marketing plan (not just digital), a plan for rebooting their business, and then have an official kickoff with specific metrics or KPIs established. In agency environments when people don’t meet those metrics, after several attempts, you’d be gone. I try not to offer recommendations any more, but occasionally find it hard to resist…and every time I do, I am reminded why I shouldn’t do it. I am, however, interested in seeing how CP does, contributing by offering measured and limited informed opinions, and encouraging its use as long as it’s continued to be supported and maintained. Sorry for the long answer.


No need to apologise. Good answer. The way I see it is this forum is the place for kicking around ideas. Some will get picked up and people will run with them… some will just roll into the corner and gather dust. No harm in the latter.

Ah, ok. The original post made it seem like you were going to help with it. Emphasis added.


Just trying to help. If nobody wants to act on my suggestions, that’s anticipated. Even if I contacted them, I would have to be the one being interviewed about CP and promoting it…not my own agency.