Policy on mentions of other CMSs/Website Builders

We have not yet had a clearly defined policy regarding mentions of other Content Management Systems or Website Builders. After consulting with other committee members, today the Community team is clarifying our position and formalizing our policy on this.

Censorship is counter to our community values, but we have occasionally noticed threads that run contrary to our code of conduct, in particular “Be good to one another”.


Mentions of other CMSs and Website Builders are allowed if they are a valid suggestion in the context of the discussion. For example, mention of another CMS/Website Builder is allowed in a thread where it is clear ClassicPress might not be the best choice for a user, or in a thread where several different software packages are being considered and compared.

Threads created for the purpose of demeaning any platform, spamming any product or service that is not relevant to ClassicPress, or harming the ClassicPress project are not allowed and will be closed subject to the judgment of the Community team.