Political Theme(s) - Free

I am new to this whole CMS thing. Web sites for me have always been hard by hand coded sites, not done via CMS… etc…

So for this particular site I am going to go a different route.

I need a theme(s) source for political oriented site(s)… that are compatible with CP… I wouldn’t know CP from WP compatible from blue skies.

Additional themes must be $0/free. Regardless of the nature of the site this is not run by some deep pocket organization.

Gone down too many rabbit holes with searches only to find stuff, and then see a price attached to it. Coupled with unsure on the comparability with CP since 99.9999% of them never state such. Even direct searches with ClassicPress required and in the terms, leads to many WP oriented sites which clouds the compatibility with CP v. only WP supported ones…

So I am interested to find some themes for CP

Political oriented
Free. Nope I am not considering any paid ones, period.

Thank you for any insight or ideas.

There isn’t much difference between WP and CP themes, except for the new WP block themes. That’s why you are having trouble determining the difference.
As for “political oriented”, what would that consist of? A theme simply styles your content, like choosing colors, font, margins. Most themes allow you to choose the colors yourself, often the font, but usually not the margins.

@k3fs Do you mean a theme that has a pre-built template?

As Joy says, themes only affect layout, colours, etc. If you want the theme to be political in nature, then what you are really looking for is a dedicated theme.

Free ones don’t allow you to customize much at all. You will need to buy the pro version.

But the beauty of a CMS such as CP is, you can use any of the included themes and use your own images and menus to make your theme look however you want. You can then use plugins to add extra features.

However, you will probably need a paid page builder such as Beaver Builder to make anything stunning.

I consider a theme to be the layouts of the pages that may or may not be what it called. I call them themes. As they “theme” the pages.

Many of these appear to only be for the newest hotness of WP, and not CP as well. A few like the link below will spell it out they work with WP and then I guess translate that to CP as 4.9x support… which starts to eliminate more and more, and widdles down even more when you put up no fee rule.

Like these:

This whole CMS thing is meant to make doing this quick and easy, versus typing out etc… RIght now I am not seeing that at all Editing included themes with widgets or doohickies etc. doesn’t seem very intuitive to me at all, when you do not have any background in WP etc…

Goal, change theme to something that will theme things in a way to the topic, and add the content…

I think I and this whole CMS thing are on different planets…

@k3fs I started out with web design using FrontPage many, many years ago. Then moved onto WordPress.

Like anything, there is a learning curve for WP/CP and how to find/use themes and plugins.

Creating a mobile responsive website using hand coded pages is a lot more difficult. And of course, you have no plugins to add extra features.

If you are not prepared to pay $39 for a political theme, then I question your seriousness in making a professional website.

As I said, you can make any theme a political one, simply by using your own images and menus.

But I wish you luck anyway.

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