Post Formats



Just wondering…will post formats, such as Link, Quote, Audio, Video, etc, stay in ClassicPress, or will they be phased out? I’m tinkering around with the LIngonberry theme, and I don’t want to commit to it if post formats are going away.


Hi Jane,

We will not be removing post formats.

ClassicPress version 1.0.0 and any other 1.x version (1.1.0, 1.999.999 if we get there, etc) will be fully compatible with WordPress 4.9.x, and we’ll support the 1.x release series for as long as people need it.


I am curious, is that theme actually presents the different formats in meaningfully different way? From my small research it seems that while many themes support it, almost none do anything actually interesting with the format information.


It depends on the theme. Some are better with the presentation than others.


Thanks, James. :slight_smile:


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