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@stefanos82 When the quote is 100% of the previous post it automatically gets removed since you are already “directly replying” to it :slight_smile:

Weird behavior…so let me get this straight; if I need to quote a message, for example which is the 10th response on a thread, and I quote the entire message, it will get removed?

You can reply to specific posts without needing to quote the whole thing, for example , and the auto removal is normally only when it is 100% of the post being quoted :slight_smile:

For example this is replying to a specific post:

Then when clicking Tim Kaye the whole post shows up above it:

This is a reply.

Let’s see how it displays on my side…

Nope, not working for me…

It won’t if it is directly above :slight_smile:

But I can reply to your 1st post.

Like this reply?

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Ah there it is… :laughing:

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