Premium Plugins and ClassicPress

Hello world! New to CP and reading up on a few bits to get my bearings. I’m both cautious and happy to find this project, thank you to everybody involved. I am absolutely in agreement and behind the concept and reasons for creating ClassicPress.

I’ve been reading the WooCommerce and ClassicPress post. It’s an immediate concern for my business and clients, and my thoughts are that it’s likely that, sooner or later, forking and maintaining WooCommerce will become too big a task. Although I’d be happy to be proved wrong!

My personal concern is also with other premium plugins that I use almost religiously on custom themes we build, specifically Advanced Custom Fields. Before finding ClassicPress I had come to a short-ish term solution in my own head which doesn’t stray to far from my current bulld process:

  • Use ACF fields for ALL content
  • Disable/hide the native wysiwyg editor via ACF
  • Install Classic Editor for as long as its viable to cover anything that fally through the gaps

I feel that the 3 steps above would act as a ‘belt and braces’ way to hide Gutenburg for as long as possible. But, I also know that ACF have already been working on Gutenburg integration. My concern with moving to ClassicPress is will there come a point when ACF is no longer useable due to conflicts? Does it become another plugin that would require long term maintenance? What would the ACF owner allow in this respect?

I realise there are probably no answers to this right now, and the same question can be asked of so many other premium plugins, just like WooCommerce, including (again just from my personal usage) Gravity Forms, Restrict Content Pro, Easy Digital Downloads, Search WP… I’m guessing that as these plugins are effectively businesses in their own right, they will eventually following down the Gutenburg path and everything that brings, making compatibility an ongoing issue.

As I said at the start, I’m hopeful but also cautious to jump on the ClassicPress train! I’d be happy to hear more opinions on how people are expecting to handle any of the above issues.

Will be watching ClassicPress progress eagerly! :slight_smile:

Firstly, welcome to the community @designlobby!

Regarding plugin support for ClassicPress, we have been having a ton of discussions about the best way to approach this but ultimately landed on the following (read more here).

The best way to get support from the plugins you have mentioned above is to reach out to their respective developers/teams and ask them to provide support for ClassicPress. At the end of the day plugin developers will not support something they don’t see their users using and if no one is asking for support for ClassicPress it will never happen. The more of their customers who ask, the more likely they will dedicate resources to ensuring their plugin supports ClassicPress going forward. :slight_smile:

Hi @wadestriebel, thanks for your input. Is there any specific page or information that I can add to my requests to support CP? I’m guessing that the easier we can make it for plugin developers to find requirement info, the more likely we are to get a positive response.


@designlobby, you could add make a post to the plugin support page on or their plugin site (assuming they have one)

Hi @azurecurve! Sorry if I wasn’t clear… What I meant was is there any specific page or information on the ClassicPress website or about ClassicPress that I can add to my requests to support CP? I’m guessing that the easier we can make it for plugin developers to find requirement info, the more likely we are to get a positive response.

I have no problems with how to make contact with the various plugins :slight_smile:

Sorry @designlobby, that’s me misreading while trying to be helpful.

Not that I am aware of, but I agree this is likely something we should have. I wouldn’t know quite what information to provide though, any suggestions there?

Maybe something which explicitly covers what a developer needs to do to be compatible; which I realise at the moment is not much, but it can be updated as the CP repository comes together.

Hi @azurecurve, @wadestriebel, no problem. Yes this was what I meant, might be useful moving forwards to have a quick reference for plugin devs to see, at a glance, whats required… Hopefully it will pretty much be what they already have in their workflow currently, which might encourage support for CP.

I’ll start making a few enquiries to plugin devs anyway, if some documentation gets added at a later date then all the better :+1:

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Sounds good, thank you!

If you get asked anything over and over again it might be useful to let us know so we can add it to said documentation once we start developing it :slight_smile: