Pressto WordPress and ClassicPress conference

I just learned of this conference this morning. It’s a Twitter conference, whatever that is. Lots of words on the site but no clear explanation of how it operates.

It’s interesting that they are targeting WP and CP, however.

Anybody here involved with this?


Hi @raygulick! I’ve been following this for about a week now. It’s a “new” conference organized by one of the original organizers of PressED Conf. They just issued a series of tweets to explain their format:

We can certainly present from the ClassicPress account but it would probably be even more impactful to have community members do so as well. It’s at the end of September, so it (hopefully) gives us enough lead time to put something together.

Thoughts on potential topics are welcome!


I’m definitely interested in this if it allows me to show my best site on CP. Let me know what I need to do to be a part of it please


I think showing off sites that are using ClassicPress would be a great thing to do at the conference.

I’m sure we can come up with more than that also!


Might be good to try and get Classic Commerce and Classic SEO at release 1.0 by then too. Should be doable.


Dick if you’d like to participate, that would be great! The more people presenting on behalf of ClassicPress, the better and they are definitely looking for submissions from people who have an experience to share. You can submit your idea here:

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Still looking for ideas of what to submit for a talk! I need to have my submission(s) in before 9/3. Any ideas?

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I think this comment in Comments editor plugin? has the makings of a good topic.

I certainly felt that I was rescued by CP - not only from that specific disaster, but from the anxiety I felt every time I had to update WP.


Links to the presentations given for the 2020 PressTo Conference. Thanks, @BlueSkyPhoenix and @james – great jobs!

Michelle’s Presentation

James’ Presentation