Privacy Policy "coming soon"

On CP net The ClassicPress Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy it says:
This document is currently being updated.

And it also says

Core Privacy Policy
Coming soon
  1. Why does it say this page is being updated? I don’t think this page is being updated, since very long time, in fact, the last update was made 9 months ago
  2. What is Core Privacy Policy, why is it even on that page, and what should be in the place of “Coming Soon”?

Once we know this I can make the necessary edits:

For example, on CP net you might leave comments, on Docs however who knows one day you might leave an entire Document. We may track main website, but we should (and hopefully do not) not track on doc site.
On Petitions, you cannot do anything while on api site we actually do things related to the CMS, not to the website. Again on API site I do not see why GA should be running on it. It is … an API endpoint.
Additionally the API site is, thus we would need to change it anyway.

I propose we have a PP for the single website if then that website needs a PP and not a catch all PP, I am not even sure that is actually “allowed” unless the single subdomains are specially explained in the document, which they are not

@timkaye I am not sure if you could quickly look over the PP page and let me know if you see anything else that is in the wrong place or words and if you agree that each domain needs its own PP or at least its own PP section (if then it needs one, which as long we have no trackers (or if we can can disable) and there is nothing to interact on the site, like on “petitions” site, I believe there is no need for a PP)

It seems common practice to gather all domains of an organisation in one domains’ page, so I am fine with that, I still think we should mention special website in a specific section (like, that GA is used only on main website and not on docs. or api.)

I think it’s fine to have one privacy policy for all ClassicPress domains, provided that the differences between them in terms of privacy implications are not so great that it will necessitate a complicated explanation of the differences. (Even if we don’t obtain any personally-identifiable information on any given site, it’s still important to have a privacy policy in order simply to say so.)

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This is intended to become the privacy policy for ClassicPress itself. It is linked from Dashboard > About > Privacy or /wp-admin/freedoms.php?privacy-notice:

The direct link is so it doesn’t necessarily need to live there, and the redirect target can be updated as needed. However this should be completed at some point.

I had been thinking this would be fine to go on the same privacy policy page as the one for the CP sites. The privacy policy for CP core should explain when and why data is sent to external servers (plugin and theme installation and updates, core updates).


OK I added this to the DOC Notion plan so perhaps someone writing docs can take this up.

I will leave the current PP as is for now.

Thanks all!

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