Problem: Site does not load without set cookie

I fear I was to early too say that the update went fine, as problems showed themselves later by user feedback.

When someone first loads the page (or an article from a link) they get only shown it until after first post meta. Then page load stops. If the user reloads the page it is shown completely. It looks like the page only loads when a Classicpress cookie is set. I can replicate that by disallowing cookies from the site, in that case it never loads. I did not realize this because of course cookies from my site were set on all my computers.

I tried deactivating all plugins one ofter the other, but that did not help. I looked into the console in Chrome, but there’s nothing here.

Example link:


Edit: Main page works fine, the problem only appears if someone goes directly to a post.

Just tested this.

Do you have any PHP errors in your logs?

No, only notices and deprecated.

This seems to have something to do with a session cookie with limited life time. Regular visitors of my site can read the articles after one reload, the next day the problem ist back.

I’m seeing that expire date of the cookie is set to 1969-12-31

Can you change it somehow to 1 year instead lifetime to see if that makes a difference?

How do I do that? Quick Google search only had inconclusive results …

That’s expected behaviour, as far as I see …

Yes, it seems it’s used in same situations to act like a lifetime cookie.

Can you figure out what is creating that cookie by searching by the cookie name in your files?

In this case: bmzpBfdweoBnxlqz

Maybe look for

I do not really think that the cookie itself is the problem here, since when its present in the users browser, the post is loaded correctly …

But I’ll try to find it, it will probably not too easy to do a global search on the server files.

And why does this only happen on the single post view and on the homepage (article list) everything is fine?

This is a weird one for sure. What is the theme in use on this site?

A child of Enlightenment

I downloaded all files and did a global search via Notepad++ in all files for bmzpBfdweoBnxlqz without any results.

It seems I found the culprit. It most probably was WP-Spamfree that does not play nice with ClassicPress.

I disabled that earlier and it still did not work, but that my have been a caching problem or something like that

I thought Wp-Spamfree was taken out of production? Wasn’t it replaced by Spamshield?

Antispam Bee works on my sites.

If you have a chance, it would be good to test this on a fresh site (start with WP, then migrate to ClassicPress and verify that the same problem still exists).

Not surprising - these cookie names are automatically generated.

Cookie name: I generally know that. But above a member of the council suggested to do that, so I guessed he probably has occult knowledge… :wink:

test install: I’m sorry, I already lost over two days searching for the problem, I really have no additional time to setup a new installation and migrate that to CP.

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OK, I don’t have time to do this right now either, unfortunately. I’ve added a new tag needs-testing so that we can track issues that need further investigation.