Problem when writing forum replies

As I type this, the thing I wanted to report is not happening, so it’s not the edit box itself.
What I see when I am replying to a forum topic is this same edit box, but I can’t see the caret for where I will type, and if I select a word with my mouse, it is not highlighted (or the selection color is the same as normal text) but it is selected since I can copy/paste it.
That little blinking line is so familiar that when it’s gone, it’s terrible!
I thought at first it might be something my browser didn’t work with, but it is working in this particular edit box, so that rules out the browser.

Tagging @wadestriebel to make sure he sees this –

If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that when you reply to a topic (like I am here), you do not see the caret, and selecting a word with your mouse does not show the action you took, even though you are able to copy/paste, correct? I am trying these two things now while typing to you and I am not experiencing these issues. I am using Chrome Version 74.0.3729.169.

What browser is giving you this behavior?

Yes, you have it correct, although it did work when I was creating the topic, so it’s only replies that has the problem.
I’m using SeaMonkey 2.49.4 on Ubuntu Stuido 16.04, but am often told that the browser isn’t supported. That’s why I mentioned that it does work on New Topics.
And just now I double clicked on ‘does’ and it showed the selection, but when I drag across to select, it does not show the selection (but it is selected).
Edit: I was going to test it in Firefox, but when I went to the URL to drag it to the other window, I noticed that the icon is missing. There’s usually something there, even if no icon is found at the site. But switching tabs to a different topic where I am not replying, I see the icon for CP there by the URL.

Now I am replying from Firefox 66.0.5, and I can see the caret and selections.

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What theme of the forums are you using? There is a light and dark theme and I know the dark theme sometimes has some bugs.

I am away for the weekend, but will set a reminder to look into it on Sunday :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wasn’t aware of any themes. Looks light to me.
And I must say that in this reply, I can see the caret and the selection!
I got here by clicking the link in my email. Other replies were from being in the forums already, and replying.

It happens to me too. After clicking on empty space outside the reply box, the bug fixes. FF56 on Linux Mint. My suspicion, it can be a FF compatibility problem, but I’m not sure.

I have been seeing the same issue recently (in Firefox).

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