Product Hunt

We are launching on Product Hunt this weekend. We would love to have everyone’s support when we do go live on Sunday, whether that be with upvotes, comments or just shares of the link :slight_smile:

We will be live at 2019-04-14T07:01:00Z

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I can blog and post to LinkedIn and Twitter


We will have an announcement on the Forums with a link to it Sunday morning :slight_smile:

If you want the link before the launch (2019-04-14T07:01:00Z) for drafting and scheduling a blog post you can DM me :slight_smile:

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That will be about 2100 UK time. I’d need to know more than just the link, so I can probably just wait for the launch. I’m driving down to a hotel near a client on Sunday. Should be arriving for 1800 and having dinner soon after. So, 2100 would be after I’ve finished eating.

I updated the post to use the time function on the forums :slight_smile:

It will be around 8:01am UK time.

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OK, so that will be before I leave :slight_smile: I’ll have breakfast and then post.


That’s fantastic - hover over the time and see the time in Sydney. I love it! (calculating time zones is not my favourite thing).


It’s a perfect timing for me. Tomorrow that time I will be writing Monday’s post. So I can just bump my schedule and write about the launch. And publish (hopefully) on Sunday afternoon as a special event.


Damn. Sorry, I left early and completely forgot about this. Writing the post now!