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I’ve just successfully migrated my first - very simple - website to ClassicPress.

I’m using the “Twenty-Twelve” theme from Wordpress and I was disappointed to find that there was still “Proudly Powered by Wordpress” at the bottom of every page with the link to I ended up editing the footer.php using FTP so that it now says “Proudly Powered by ClassicPress” and the link now points to

I will have to watch out if/when I update, or change, the theme as it will change the link back to Wordpress.

It might not be much but having the link to ClassicPress on my website is a small way of saying thank you for ClassicPress.



@joe38 ,

Do you know how to use a child theme? That could help.

I made a simple bare-bones child theme you can use (if you have no other changes to Twenty Twelve) you install it like any other theme and activate it. Be sure you dont delete the original Twenty Twelve though, as it uses assets from there.

EDIT: Streamlined the code a bit, to take out some unnessecary extras


Thank you @anon14774557 :slight_smile:

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Hi @anon14774557

Thanks for your suggestion, I have used child themes before and appreciate your bare-bones child theme which I have just downloaded. I guess I was more concerned about the migration to ClassicPress and not thinking so much about the link to wordpress.

I’m sure that there are others who are moving to ClassicPress only to find that their website is still promoting wordpress. Changing that link to ClassicPress has to be good for Google ranking and must help spread the word. But not everyone would be willing / able to setup a child theme or edit PHP code.

We would need the cooperation of theme authors to make this happen automatically.

Which is not going to happen with the “Twenty-Twelve” theme !



Yep, this is an issue that we’ve seen but haven’t started tracking or planning yet (for better or worse, we’ve had higher priorities up until now, and we’ve added child themes to our own sites).

It’d be great to find an automatic and general solution for this issue, even if it’s just a solution that covers some or all of the Twenty * themes.

If someone has a minute, please create a new issue on GitHub that summarizes the problem and links back to this thread:


Here you go:


Some themes let you change it in the Customizer.

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I migrated today as well :slight_smile: