Public Core Meeting to Discuss Roadmap (July 7 @ 3 pm UTC)

There will be a public core meeting on Slack in the #core channel this Thursday at 3 pm UTC.

The topic for discussion will be the roadmap, specifically what ClassicPress’s future might look like if we begin breaking away from WordPress and what that actually means.

In the past week, community members and core contributors discussed in #core channel different paths for ClassicPress to take. Re-forking from either 5.x or 6.x seems unlikely and continuing with backports isn’t really working to our advantage. So the meeting will focus on breaking off from WP and focusing on growing ClassicPress as a platform.

One thing to note is, version 1.x is an LTS version and will continue to receive bug fixes and security patches.

If you want to follow the meeting and/or participate, please join us at 3 pm UTC on July 7th in #core Slack. The transcript will be made available after the meeting.


Do we have an actual change-over yet? Is it official?
Do we actually have a process for deciding on a roadmap?
Do we have enough contributors to bug fix 1.x and also work on the next thing?
What do we really mean by LTS and who are we doing this for?

And 3:00 pm UTC in your local time…

Those are good questions and the meeting is to figure out what exactly we can do. We may need more than one meeting, but this is a start to get a better plan for CP. A public, transparent process.

LTS version has always been part of our philosophy:

Preamble: ClassicPress Version 1.x is a long-term support (LTS) version. If you choose to, you can stay on this version for years to come. We won’t introduce any changes that could break compatibility with themes or plugins that support WordPress 4.9.x.

The community needs to decide how long to maintain LTS for. That’s been our promise since day 1.