Question for html masters

I have a problem for ClassicPress masters
The Text and Custom HTML widget doesn’t want to save or publish, but that wheel keeps spinning forever.
on localhost (xampp) it saves properly, but not on the paid server
How to fix it?

Have you enabled logging and, if so, have you looked in the debug.log file?

I’m not much of a programmer, so if I can explain a little.

I repeat
With the same settings on XAMPP localhost, everything works properly, but on the server (namecheap) some functions do not work
Here, for example, in Enriched Editor, I edit the order of the buttons in the settings and it records properly, but in the posts the layout of the buttons is the default
Maybe I’m blocked by a firewall or a security key on the server:
And maybe everything is not yet right on the server because I uploaded the page to the server 2 days ago

Probably some sort of JS error preventing the AJAX from working. Open the browser dev tools to see the JS log and check your servers logs in case its a php error but clue is in the name “namecheap” you are getting what you paid for.