Question to eCommerce and other e-Business (inclusive donations) users/devs about order success rate

Folks who use CC, WC or other eCommerce tools to sell, or else “get money” from people, I have a question.

What is your order-success rate?

Say you sell an item A on your store, and you will have orders, right?
What percent of those orders are actual Completed? What percent of those orders are actual Cancelled or Failed?

Is it normal to have a relation of 0.5% successfully (completed) order, and the rest (99.5% of all orders) either canceled or failed?

I am asking both users who actually sell things with WC or CC but also those who take donations or else do not sell actual material goods with CC or WC. I am interested in the rate of order-success that one can expect and from what point on someone should start to believe there is a problem somewhere.

I believe, when there are 0.5% successful orders and the rest is garbage (cancelled or failed or else), then there is reason to believe there is a huge bug somewhere in that system.
And I strongly suspect CC, because the site I am seeing that on uses CC.
Maybe I am wrong, and such relations between successful orders and failed orders are “normal”? I have literally no experience thus far with e-Commerce…

Depends where the flag is coming from, if you are using Stripe, like we use for CP then they will explain why it is high risk in the order details.

If they aren’t even getting to the point that it shows up in Stripe, then ya it could be a bug. You would need to check.

I use Wp eStore on my publishing site which sells ebooks. I’m not aware of a single failed order, so 100% completed.

Payments are through integration with PayPal.

I have about 10% of failed orders. Most of the times it’s the customer not completing the payment.
This data is from two client’s sites with low traffic, both using CC.

I use my own custom code with Stripe, and I’ve had fewer than 1% failed transactions.

OK thanks folks…

From what I read, I gather a conversion rate of 0.5% should raise all kind of flags. No matter the nature of the site, or “shop”, but it does not seem directly due to CC/CP since you all seem to use it and have satisfying conversions.