Quotes not converted to curly quotes

Good morning or #tzag! Hope everyone is well.

I now have two sites using CP. After hackers wiped everything, I reduced them all down to one in Portuguese and one in English.

The Portuguese-language site (cristaos.org) does not convert the quote to curly quotes. The English one does (forthright.net). I tried using several different themes, but the problem persists.

Any idea what might be the problem, and how to fix? (Remember: I’m very non-techie.)

Thanks so much!

Hello @zudn

It just depends on the theme that is currently in used. If you use the same theme as the English version then you might have the curly quotes. So is not really a problem, it is how the theme was made.

Did you import the content or manually copy/pasted it and published posts?

ClassicPress applies wptexturize filter to the_content to convert certain characters to formatted entities. This includes quotes.

Assuming your theme doesn’t remove wptexturize filter, if you imported your content, one option you can try on one blog post to see if it helps is to hit the update button.

I would also test it on a draft page, entering quotes to see if they are converted to smart quotes.

Funny fact: Most people fight with the curly quotes, not the other way around. Esp. when copy + pasting shortcodes.

But: It depends on what you’re using - the visual editor (tab: “Visual”) or the text editor (Tab: “Text”). Normally, when saving text in the text view, quotes are being left unconverted.

I’d suggest writing - not copy + pasting - text with normal quotes (") in the “Visual” mode, which should normally lead to conversion - expect if there is some different type of quotes to Portuguese (compared to eg. German), that the filter might not be aware of (as others already mentioned / hinted in this thread).

If all fails, I’m happy to help out, just drop me a PM (or whatever its called on here) :slight_smile:
Been digging through this from the opposite direction for the last week, so I may be able to give more insights (on “how to stop the filter from conversion”).

cu, w0lf.

First off, I apologize for asking a question and then disappearing. I got sidetracked by some work and personal issues. The problem remains, I’ve no idea the cause, will be reading each entry above again for ideas. Thanks to everyone for their kind replies.