Rebuilt the admin menu

Use the frontend menu GUI to create admin menus.
… for each roles.

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Author: Yannick

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Status: open


Question, should I assume that a plugin like this one does not affect front end performance?

Not that it wouldn’t be nice to have built in control over the dashboard and it might set CP apart “for Creators”?? Something to brag about in “features”?

It would need to address roles.

Yes, it shouldn’t affect the front-end.

This is not likely to get added to CP core, though. There’s no advantage to doing that versus using this plugin.

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Thank you very much for the quick response.

After installing that plugin and trying to make it work, I decided it would be easier to do what I need manually than to try and learn how to operate the plugin! Especially since I am not worried about roles in this project, I think that is the focus of that plugin.

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