Reco for anti-spam plugin for comments?

At this point, I’m deleting spam replies to my posts by hand. Is there a plugin which would filter the obviously spammy ones before I get to them?

There may be an official plugin for CP, but if using CPv1, Akismet Version 2.4.1 will install.

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Thanks. I wondered about that but didn’t see it on the pinned list.

Antispam Bee is a great plugin to fight comment spam and it’s compatible with CP:


Thanks! I just installed the earlier version of Akismet, but I’ll keep this one in my back pocket just in case.

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on several sites, but covers more than just comments

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Thanks for the reco! I’ve installed akismet, but I’ll keep an eye on this if that doesn’t work out.

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If you’re running Akismet, make sure you check the settings. One deletes comments you’ll never see. And a long time ago, that was problematic because your best commenters would end up flagged by Akismet (because they comment a lot) and get deleted.

I haven’t used it for over a decade, so I don’t know whether it got any better or not. But just in case I would at least start out with it putting comments in spam so you can skim them and rescue any real comments.

I may be biased, but the best anti-spambot plugin was the GrowMap anti-spambot plugin (G.A.S.P.). There used to be a free version. But the developer has health issues and turned it over to someone else. And they never released an updated free version.

I still run it by running CommentLuv which I wouldn’t actually run anymore if I could use install GASP by itself.

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Thanks so much for the detailed reply! I will definitely check the settings on Akismet.

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