Redesign admin UI in a comprehensive way that addresses the needs of business site users

The current admin was intended primarily for bloggers and single site owners. An admin UI redesign that caters more to the needs of business site users would be a big step in serving CP’s primary market.

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Author: Ray Gulick

Vote count: 26

Status: open


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How precisely does a UI that caters to the needs of business site users look like?

For me, this is not a petition. It is the start of a discussion, perhaps… but it is nowhere clear what is the goal of this.
Does it include removing posts because posts are bloggers realm and not “business” realm? Why even is business? How does “business” relate to an UI? Is an iPhone not for business because it has an UI that a child can use? Or is the iPhone for business exactly because it has an UI that a child can control?

I have worked with “Business folks” from all over the world. In general they don’t even know what a string is or a tagline or a heading. They have a different skill set and knowledge, which a “website person” does not have, probably.
What I try to say is… does “business UI” mean that someone who has literally no idea of websites can control it? Because business folks generally do not have that knowledge unless they are in the website business.
In either case, it seems then the CP UI is already pretty much usable by anyone, with or without knowledge, and thus… both business and non-business, pro and noob can use it. I think that’s great.

In any case to be actionable the petition needs clear goals, and this one does not.


We are still nowhere close to being ready to undertake an effort like this, nor is it a good fit for our current goals and direction. Setting this to close in a week.


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