Redsandmarketing firewall and WP-Spamshield opinions

What do you folks think about WP-SpamShield? It was #2 for spam plugins at WP and was free when it was booted off WP by Otto in 2017 and is now a pay-to-use plugin. It’s now at

He’s got a blog post there about how his plugin came to be banned but maybe someone here knows the backstory?. I was thinking that maybe he’d want to come over here and support CP with a free version but I do not know the quality of the plugin or anything about Otto (Samuel Wood) vs. Scott Allen, other than what I read at his blog, which was rather disturbing.

UPDATE I spent too much time reading blogs on his site and looking for connections to him on social. I was surprised to suddenly discover that my browser was blocked for suspicious activity. Not sure what that is about as all of us here, I imagine, would love to have visitors who read.


While I don’t know much about the plugin, I do know Scott Allen has been lashing out at a lot of people. While what he claims might be possible, I have also heard legitimate cases made that he used his plugin to block other plugins, which is against the WP rules for a good reason. So I dont know who to believe at this point.


ClassicPress should not be getting involved in these “vs” dramas that come up from time to time.

I’m having issues accessing too. It looks like their firewall rules are overly aggressive.


I also fell foul of their firewall rules (seems like this is a very common occurrence).

Unfortunate as I bought a couple of licences for the new WP-Spamshield (previously had free version installed on most of my sites) and then was unable to access their support system due to this, and when I finally did manage to get through to their support they wanted me to jump through far too many hoops to pass their firewall.

I decided it was more trouble than it was worth running the new WP-Spamshield (and having to use Envato for updates) and have now moved on to WPBruiser which seems to work very well with ClassicPress.

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Yeah, sounds like a waste of our time. Good to know others had the same problem. I started to get a stink the more time I spent around his work, unfortunately. Moving on…

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