Reduce the amount of "Plugin territory" petitions

A high percentage of petitions end up being closed as “Plugin territory”.

WordPress has evolved for almost 20 years. In such a long time, the Core probably already includes everything it needs. Most petitions that look like “add whatever to Core” are very probably Plugin Territory. Of course, not all of them.

The real petitions directed towards changes in Core will look more like “Change whatever in Core” or “Remove whatever in Core”.

Where can we add such a note and with what words, to reduce the amount of “Plugin territory” petitions?

My suggestion is:

“At ClassicPress our main goal is to keep a stable, secure and lean Core. If your petition is about adding something to Core, please add to your petition a reason for why this should be in Core and not a Plugin. Note that almost any new feature or extension for a Core feature can and should be handled via Plugins. Please don’t start a petition if that is the case”.

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I’m all for trying to reduce petitions that should be left to plugins. It’s hard to enforce a bit because the the template we have for petitions is rarely followed because it’s not always shown to users, depending where you start new topic. What I would like to see:

  1. Better page about petitions on the main site (or forum) describing what type of petitions should be posted, give examples of good and bad Petitions, this is where we can include this text.
  2. Petitions must be approved by mods before they go public. So we can reject petitions not following template and offer first level of triage, declining petitions that are clearly not right.

Right now, challenge is to get through all the legacy petitions that were posted in 2018/2019.

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