Regarding 4.9.9: update or not?

The only one of my WP sites on which I had not blocked all updates and left the option for minor updates opened has been automatically updated to 4.9.9.

I assume updating to 4.9.9 does not present any issue for subsequent switches to CP? Or is it even advisable to upgrade to 4.9.9 before switching? (It seems that it removes some old, outdated code, if I have understood correctly what I have read.)

For those sites that I intend to keep on WP for the coming weeks, would you recommend to update them to 4.9.9, or rather leave them with 4.9.8?

All of mine auto-updated to 4.9.9. I just finished migrating six sites using the plugin with absolutely no problems. I have no idea how that compares to going straight from 4.9.8, or which would be better to stick with, sorry, but I can verify that at least there’s no problem with using the plugin to migrate from 4.9.9.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Good to know!

Let’s wait to see if there is additional information coming.

4.9.9 is a security release as was 5.01 and the other lower version starting at 3.7. Would this not make CP less secure than 4.9.9?

We are working on implementing the security bugfixes on CP 1.0.0, there is already a pull request for it.


I’ve read of some people describing issues with the security patch update who were using WP but they were also using Divi and the issues were minor from what I could gather. That being said, obviously if you switch to CP it’s not a problem and should not be.

Very good to know that the security bugfixes will be implemented, thank you!

Just confirming that we are actively working on this.

In general, security issues and updates are not suitable for public discussion, because information about security details and plans can be information that hackers can take advantage of.

Please read over the WordPress page on security vulnerabilities for more information, and you can expect us to publish our own, similar guidelines soon.

For now, you can contact [email protected] with any security-related questions or issues.

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This is fine and right. I agree. Primarily, I just wanted to make sure that upgrading to 4.9.9 would not make a switch to CP more difficult, and that it was advisable to update to 4.9.9 (not to 5.0.1!) while waiting for making the switch to CP.

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Also confirmed. Thanks for asking!