Relation (ClassicPress) Theme Available

Relation ClassicPress Theme, Copyright 2022 Tradesouthwest
Relation is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL

== Description ==
Relation is a blogging theme made for ClassicPress. Features include fast loading templates, color scheme in Customizer, add lead text to header and an additional menu where you add your social links into header space. Footer switches between sections acording to width of device viewing.

It uses Dashicons on frontend to save font imports and we use a classic font-stack as well as two font layers built into the theme so you do not have to ping any font CDN.

Has attachment template for full page image display. Add custom header image or logo. Anchor link on every page makes it easy to copy page URI for convenient sharing. Fast and dependable them for ClassicPress. Perfect for blogging or authoring news or company updates.

Dig in @: GitHub - tradesouthwest/relation: Relation is a blogging theme made for ClassicPress.

Comments/suggestions welcome!


From your readme:

  • Requires WordPress 3.6 or higher and WordPress 4.9 or lower!

Is this a ClassicPress theme or just a copy of a WordPress theme that has been renamed?

If so, forking is cool but if you are going to call it a ClassicPress theme make the right adaptations :wink:


  • Adapt the readme text
  • Maybe change the readme to .md instead of .txt to make it nicer on the repo page
  • Add a live DEMO
  • Add some screenshots

Thanks for sharing!

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The line in mention was totaly “experimental jargon” for lack of a better term. In case someone trys to run on WP >5.9+ they at least have a warning. I’m guessing a ton of peeps don’t know what CP is and might assume theme is a WordPress theme. Surely this line can be removed.

Forking is fine. Fork away! Live demo is at:

Not hogging the domain name… open to letting community use it if anyone thinks i’m using it as a way to mis-represent or represent CP. Just took the name cause it was available.

Let me know what you fork and the improvments could be merged to the master. I still am not up to speed on any CP theme repo or where it’s currently being developed.

I think @alvarofranz mentioned the name because he thought the theme was a WP one forked then adapted to CP by judging from the declaration of support and he wanted to point out that it would be nice to know if a theme is CP only just by its name.

I think that as you say someone can try to use CP themes and plugins on WP and they won’t sometimes work there, so it’s ok to state if it could work on WP on a CP theme so that people know what to expect. This because you can’t forbid users to install it on WP.

About suggestions, I agree that it lacks a screenshot and maybe a theme demo would be nice.

Thanks for making this theme.

About theme dir it should be worked on, as of now people are thinking what the right way to do it is. In a way it will work as the plugin dir but needs to be filterable to allow for searches and this is something that needs to be setup and implemented on the theme dir when it will be implemented as far as I have understood.

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Thanks again for feedback extrordinaire. Check Github version as I have updated screenshot and readme jargon to better fit CP. BTW the theme is strickly a ClassPress theme and I am actually going to make an extremely Customizer loaded version of it just for WP. ( I will probably sell the WP version, so it will not be on the wp-repo.)

Here is how I updated wording in readme:

== Notes ==

  • This theme is built exclusively for ClassicPress CMS but may be use for WordPress without any warranty.

you really don’t need to add CMS since we are already know ClassicPress is CMS, and may be use for WordPress without warranty… I feel like waranty seem to be the wrong word for it. maybe warranty to maybe but may be use with WordPress without issues.

I’m not sure the CMS thing matters. When you say “we… already know [it] is s CMS” You must remeber that “we” is not everybody.

Warranty is a liability disclaimer stating in a non binding manner that the theme might break WP so we can’t say we didn’t warn you. But sure ‘issues’ is a good word too.

The GPL license already says that you’re providing the software without a warranty.

Right, like anyone actually reads those or can interpret what they mean. Seriously LOL on that comment but your point is well taken. Maybe I really don’t need any of those notes. Good eye though.