Relative URLs in Classicpress Site

I’ve sometimes had trouble migrating sites because of URLs (usually in menus etc) that hardcode the host URL (“”) instead of being relative (“/page”).
Is there any way to ensure that all internal links are relative, across post types?
Can this feature be baked into future Classicpress releases?

There is no default way to achieve relative URLs in the database. You can try the Make Paths Relative plugin that might fit your needs.

The best way to handle database changes is to use the WP-CLI search-replace command. It correctly changes strings, such as domains. That’s what I always use.

You can also try using the Better Search Replace plugin if you want to be able to do it in the admin.

Sometimes the search and replace plugins don’t appear to change all the urls.
One site I helped with recently where the owner had already tried several plug-ins. The site used acf for almost all content and acf puts content in the meta table rather than the content table.
All the search and replace plugins he had tried only checked the content table.