Remove dashboard color schemes

Since a recent poll shows that 70% of users do not use any of the additional color schemes for the dashboard, it would be a good cleanup to remove the lot and simply keep the default color scheme.

source: poll on recent WP Tavern article: Dark Mode is Possibly Coming to a WordPress Dashboard Near You – WP Tavern

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Author: Pieter Bos

Vote count: 50

Status: open


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There is already a plugin for this, developed to allow people to set CP colors in their admin.
My idea is: can we remove from core and make the plugin a core plugin?

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I think they need to stay for those of us that use them.
I have been involved in the meetings over at WP discussing using CSS custom properties for the color schemes, including high-contrast and dark mode. They are in the experimental stage, and plan to put that into the next WP release, tweaking it after the bigger testing it would get in a release.
That would make it much easier to change the colors and offer complete coverage of the page. Some people suggested it would then be simple to have a color picker in the admin so you could make your own color scheme, but that hasn’t been part of the plan so far.

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Yes, I wouldn’t bother with this. Too many possible side issues. I hide a lot of things on that page with my utility plugin.

The only change I would consider making is to rearrange the order. Name, email address and password change should be at the top, since they are the most used sections.

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Was this remark intended for this topic or something else?

This topic. Remove dashboard colour schemes. It’s a ‘no’ from me.

But I would personally like to see the “Personal options” section on that page moved down below “account management”.

Do you know why WP gave such prominence to something like admin colour scheme?

It’s quite easy to do. Just need to cut and paste a block of text and I don’t think it would upset anything else.

That would be a different petition.

Yes, I might do that.

Edit: Done!


Dashboard colors are there for a reason.
When a team of people get to work together on a site and they have different roles you can assign a color to every role so that you always know which role you are logged in as.
They have an use.
Fact that many people don’t use this feature doesn’t mean we need to get rid of it.
It’s a no from me.


The consensus is to keep it as is. There’s no value being added by removing it.

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