Remove the Theme and Plugin Editors

These are not necessary and can pose a security risk.

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Author: Dave Jesch

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Status: open


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This is one of those things that clearly fit as Core Plugins disabled by default.

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Huge thumbs down on this idea. Very unusual to not have some type of editor for files that are included with a theme.

YES People break things (that is how I make my $$$)
YES People disable the linecode edit to bypass syntax highlighter
YES etc., etc.

NO I would not want to see the theme/plugin editors disappear as they HAVE a purpose
NO Once you mess with one editor, next will be “Let’s get rid of the Post Text Editor.”
NO How do you see a file without having FTP? (as 85% of user base is)[citation omitted]

If any IMPROVEMENTS or changes were to be dedicated to the Files Editor, it SHOULD be better code check and capabilities honored to a user—not by user_level.